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Backstreet Rookie DRAMA

Backstreet Rookie is a funny and romantic one of the best Korean dramas. It is about a man named Choi Dae-hyun who runs a small store. A young girl, Jung Saet-byul, who is good at fighting and loves old-fashioned clothes, starts working for him. The story shows their funny and sometimes romantic adventures. This show was made in 2020 and is based on a comic from the internet. People from all over the world helped to make this show.

Backstreet Rookie Drama Review

Drama Backstreet Rookie
Hangul 편의점 샛별이
Literal meaning Convenience Store Saet-byul
Revised Romanization Pyeon-uijeom Saetbyeor-i
Channel SBS TV
Director Myoungwoo Lee
Producers Jung Tae-won
Starring Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung
Writer/Screenplay by Son Geun-joo
Country of origin South Korea
Release date June 19, 2020
IMDB rating 7.5/10
Google users rating 91% liked this TV show
Total episodes 16
The first episode’s airing date June 19, 2020
Average episode length 70 minutes
Language Korean
Genre Romantic comedy and Slice of Life
This show is  Romantic and Funny
Maturity rating 18+

Backstreet Rookie Drama Cast

Actor Character
Kim Yoo-jung Jung Saet-byul
Ji Chang-wook Choi Dae-hyun
Kim Min-kyu Kang Ji-uk
Han Sunhwa Yoo Yeon-joo
Ahn Sol-bin Jung Eun-byul
Eum Moon-suk Han Dal Sik
Jung Eun-ji Jung-eun
Seo Ye-hwa Hwang Geum Bi
Do Sang-woo Jo Seung-joon
Kim Sun-young Gong Boon-hee
Lee Yu-bi Customer
Kim Ji-hyun Choi Dae-soon
Lee Jun-young Customer
Park Jin-joo High school student
Yoon Soo Cha Eun-jo
Kyeon Mi-ri Kim Hye-ja
Lee Byung-joon Choi Yong-pil
Jung Joon-ho Sky Castle actor
Kim Sun-a Gong Boon-hee
Woo Hyun Kwon Eui-choo
Ko Kyu-pil Oh Yo-han
Kim Se-yong Chicken shop employee
Ka-hyeon Jang Mega Hit management team leader
Ryu Seung Su Jung Chul-min
Ae Yeon Jeong Hwang Eun-ha
Lim Ha-Ryong Han Dal-pyung
Kil Yong-woo Yoo Myung-gi
Heo Jae-ho Department Head Bae
Lee Yoon-hee Cha Ki-bok

Backstreet Rookie Overview

Backstreet Rookie Overview

Backstreet Rookie is a 2020 K-drama blending comedy and romance in an engaging narrative. The story revolves around Choi Dae-hyun, a convenience store owner, and Jung Saet-byul, a vibrant young woman with exceptional fighting skills and a unique sense of style. Their paths cross when Saet Byul ends up working at Dae Hyun’s store, leading to a series of humorous and heartwarming events. As they navigate the challenges of work and personal growth, their relationship evolves, capturing the audience’s heart with its blend of laughter and tender moments. This drama stands out for its dynamic characters and captivating storyline, making it a memorable addition to the Korean entertainment landscape.

Original SoundTrack

Part 1

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Something
  • Hana
  • Yejun
  • Han Soo-seok
  • Yejun
  • Lee Ha-eun
  • Jung Sung-min (POPKID)
  • Shin Yong-soo
Kang Daniel 3:21
2. Something (Inst.)  
  • Han Soo-seok
  • Yejun
  • Lee Ha-eun
  • Jung Sung-min (POPKID)
  • Shin Yong-soo
Total length: 6:42

Part 2

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Crazy
  • Lee Myoungwoo
  • Major Leaguer
Major Leaguer April 3:48
2. Crazy (Inst.)   Major Leaguer   3:48
Total length: 7:36

Part 3

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Love Ya Kim Tae-woo
  • Lee Hyun-seung
  • TM
Kim Tae-woo (g.o.d) 3:04
2. Love Ya (Inst.)  
  • Lee Hyun-seung
  • TM
Total length: 6:08

Part 4

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Sleepless Night (잠이 오지 않는 밤에)
  • Gaemi
  • Lmokulsra
  • Lmokulsra
Rothy 4:21
2. Sleepless Night (Inst.)  
  • Lmokulsra
Total length: 8:42

Part 5

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Treasure (보물) Colde
  • Colde
  • Johnny
  • Chiic
Colde 3:43
2. Treasure (Inst.)  
  • Colde
  • Johnny
  • Chiic
Total length: 7:26

Part 6

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. “See Sa (시소) Park Kyung
  • Park Kyung
  • LEEZ
  • Aroze
Park Kyung (Block B), SeolA (Cosmic Girls) 3:25
2. See Saw (Inst.)  
  • Park Kyung
  • LEEZ
  • Aroze
Total length: 6:50

Part 7

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. I’ll Miss You Lee Myoungwoo Gaemi Lim Ji-woo 3:39
2. I’ll Miss You (Inst.)   Gaemi   3:39
Total length: 7:18

K-drama Backstreet Rookie Storyline

K-drama Backstreet Rookie Storyline

Backstreet Rookie is a story about a young woman named Jung Saet-byul, who is known for her amazing fighting skills and love for retro fashion. She has many boys interested in her, but she only has eyes for Choi Dae-hyun, a handsome man who owns a convenience store. Saet Byul ends up working at Dae Hyun’s store, and the drama follows their adventures together. The show is funny and romantic, showing how Saet Byul and Dae Hyun deal with different situations at the store and in their lives. It’s a story about love, friendship, and growing up.

Plot Summary

Backstreet Rookie is a light-hearted and entertaining South Korean drama that follows the life of Choi Dae-hyun, a convenience store owner, and Jung Saet-byul, a lively and spirited young woman with exceptional fighting abilities. The plot unfolds when Saet Byul, who has had a crush on Dae Hyun since a chance encounter during her high school years, decides to work at his store. The drama explores their quirky and sometimes chaotic interactions as they navigate the challenges of running a convenience store together. Alongside the main storyline, the drama delves into themes of friendship, family, and the complexities of romantic relationships, all set against the backdrop of everyday life in the convenience store.



In “Backstreet Rookie,” the storyline takes a significant turn when the dynamics between Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet-byul evolve from professional to personal, deepening the narrative’s focus on their relationship. The climax of the drama unfolds as their feelings for each other become unmistakably clear despite the complications arising from their pasts and the challenges they face in the present.

This pivotal moment is marked by a series of misunderstandings and conflicts that test their bond, leading to a heartfelt resolution that showcases their growth as individuals and as a couple. The drama cleverly navigates through comedic episodes to more intense emotional scenes, emphasizing the importance of trust, forgiveness, and the courage to pursue love against all odds.

The turning point is crucial in highlighting the characters’ development and the essence of their journey together, making it a memorable aspect of the series.

Parents Guide

Backstreet Rookie features content that may necessitate parental guidance, including scenes of mild to moderate romance and nudity, violence, profanity, and depictions of alcohol and drug use, alongside some intense moments. The drama has sparked discussions regarding its appropriateness for younger audiences due to controversial elements such as a storyline involving a minor and an adult, as well as certain stereotypical depictions. Ratings vary internationally, reflecting different views on age suitability. Parents are advised to review the content beforehand.

Backstreet Rookie Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2020 7th APAN Star Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ji Chang-wook Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Kim Yoo-jung Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Kim Sun-young Won
SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Fantasy/Romance Drama Ji Chang-wook Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Fantasy/Romance Drama Kim Yoo-jung Won
Han Sun-hwa Nominated
Best Couple Award Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung Nominated
Best New Actress Seo Ye-hwa Nominated

User Reviews

  • A Drama Not to Be Missed: Users appreciated the heartwarming, hilarious, and comic-like aspects of the drama, highlighting the exceptional performances by Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook, which brought their characters to life with great chemistry​​.
  • Great Actors, Bad Storyline: Some viewers found the storyline frustrating, criticizing the pace and development of the main character’s relationships. Despite the cast’s potential, the narrative’s execution was seen as lacking, particularly in how the male lead’s character was portrayed​​.
  • A Really Must-Watch Romantic Comedy K-Drama: Fans praised the drama for its humor, sweetness, and touching moments, alongside the commendable acting by the leads. The unique blend of comedy and romance was highlighted as a strong point​​.
  • When It’s So Bad, That It’s Good: Despite acknowledging the problematic aspects and controversies surrounding the drama, this review appreciates the unexpected emotional depth and character development, especially praising the realistic portrayal of characters and their decisions​​.
  • Not the Best of Romance/Comedy: Criticism focused on the lack of chemistry between the main couple and the prolonged focus on Choi Dae-hyun’s relationship with his original girlfriend, which overshadowed the development of the main romantic storyline. The ending was noted for its interesting, albeit unconventional, presentation​​.

Backstreet Rookie OST

Backstreet Rookie Trailer

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