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Abdullah Pur Ka devdas Drama

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas is a Pakistani drama that aired on Zindagi channel on March 1. It tells a love story with complex emotions and cultural depth. Bilal Abbas and Sarah Khan play the lead roles in this show as Fakhar and Gulbano. The show was written by Shahid Dogar and directed by Anjum Shahzad. This drama is set in Pakistan and includes a mix of traditional and modern elements, promising viewers a unique and engaging experience through its storytelling and character development.

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas Drama Review

Drama AbdullahPur Ka Devdas 
Channel Zindagi, Zee5
Director Anjum Shahzad 
Producer Shailja Kejriwal
Starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Sarah Khan
Writer Shahid Dogar
Country of origin Pakistan, India
Release date March 1, 2024
IMDB rating 9.1/10
Google Users 90% liked this TV show
Total episodes 13-episode
First episode’s airing date February 26,  2024
Last episode’s date April 7, 2024
Average episode length Approx. 30-35 min

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas  Drama Cast

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Bilal Abbas Khan Fakhar
Sarah Khan Gulbano
Nouman Ijaz Not specified
Savera Nadeem Not specified
Anoushay Abbasi Not specified
Raza Talish Kashif
Ali Ansari Not specified
Irfan Motiwala Shokha
Kashif Hussain Not specified
Syed Fazal Hussain Not specified
Adnan Shah Tipu Not specified
Shahzad Nawaz Not specified
Zuhab Khan Not specified
Saad Qureshi Not specified
Nida Mumtaz Not specified
Abbas Nausha Not specified
Nida Hussain Not specified
Noor ul Hassan Not specified
Arjumand Rahim Not specified
Anumta Qureshi Not specified

Zindagi TV Drama AbdullahPur Ka Devdas Storyline

Zindagi Drama AbdullahPur Ka Devdas Storyline

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas tells a simple story about three people, Fakhar, Kashif, and Gulbano, who are caught in a love triangle. Fakhar and Kashif both like Gulbano. The story gets more interesting when Kashif disappears suddenly after pretending to be a poet named Devdas. Fakhar promises to stay true to Gulbano and tries hard to bring Kashif back, facing many challenges like love, lies, and giving up things for others. This story is full of strong feelings and drama, set in the beautiful culture of Pakistan. The show brings together Bilal Abbas Khan and Sarah Khan, two famous actors, making fans very excited. They expect great acting and a story that keeps them hooked.

Plot Summary

This drama unfolds around a poignant love triangle that captures the essence of emotional turmoil, loyalty, and sacrifice. Fakhar, Kashif, and Gulbano are at the heart of the story, each entangled in a complex web of feelings that draws them together and apart in equal measure. The drama escalates when Kashif, in a dramatic twist, adopts the identity of the legendary poet Devdas and vanishes without a trace, leaving a void that Fakhar vows to fill. Committed to Gulbano, Fakhar embarks on a quest to reunite the two lost lovers, navigating through a labyrinth of love, deceit, and self-sacrifice. This journey is not just about the reunion of hearts but also about exploring their inner depths against the backdrop of Pakistan’s rich cultural landscape.

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Pakistani Drama AbdullahPur Ka Devdas Synopsis 

“Abdullahpur Ka Devdas” is a Pakistani drama that delves into the complexities of love, societal norms, and the struggles of individuals against traditional expectations. The storyline is a contemporary adaptation inspired by the classic tale of Devdas, but with a unique twist that reflects modern societal issues and cultural settings in Pakistan.

The central character, mirroring Devdas, is a young man belonging to a wealthy family. He is deeply in love with his childhood sweetheart, but due to class differences and societal pressures, his family disapproves of their relationship. The drama unfolds as he struggles with his unfulfilled love, family expectations, and societal constraints. His journey is marked by emotional turmoil, self-destructive behaviour, and the exploration of themes such as unrequited love, passion, and the consequences of societal norms.

The narrative also explores the lives of other characters who are interconnected with the protagonist, showcasing their personal battles, desires, and the impact of societal judgments on their lives. The show portrays how tradition, honour, and social status dictate the course of personal relationships and how individuals navigate through these challenges, often facing tragic consequences.

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User Reviews

  • The chemistry between Bilal Abbas Khan and Sarah Khan is electric! Can’t wait to see more.
  • The story’s twist on the classic Devdas narrative is both fresh and intriguing.
  • Stunning visuals and a beautiful soundtrack complement the emotional depth of the drama.
  • Some plot points feel a bit predictable, but the performances keep you hooked.
  • A must-watch for fans of Pakistani dramas looking for a mix of traditional and modern storytelling.

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas OST

AbdullahPur Ka Devdas Trailer

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