A Korean Odyssey Drama Review, Cast, Story, Trailer, Timing, and Release Date

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A Korean Odyssey Drama

A Korean Odyssey is one of the best Korean dramas. It tells a fantasy story with magic and adventures. The story is new but inspired by an old Chinese book. It is about gods and monsters living in our world. They look for a special light to fight the darkness. The show has heroes, magic, and battles between good and evil. It is fun and has romance, too.

A Korean Odyssey Drama Review

Drama A Korean Odyssey
Hangul 화유기
Channel tvN, Netflix
Director Park Hong-kyun, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Byung-soo
Producers Lee Jin-suk
Starring Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo
Writer/Screenplay by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran
Country of origin South Korea
Release date December 23, 2017
IMDB rating 8.0/10
Google users rating 89% liked this TV show
Total episodes 20
The first episode’s airing date December 23, 2017
Average episode length 70 minutes
Language Korean
Genre Fantasy; Romance; Comedy; Horror
This show is  Romantic, Comedy and Fantasy
Maturity rating 13+

A Korean Odyssey Drama Cast

Actor Character
Lee Seung Gi Son Ogong
Oh Yeon-seo Jin Sun-mi
Cha Seung-won Woo Hwichul
Lee Hong-gi P.K
Lee Se-young Bu-ja
Jang Keun-suk Gong Jak
Michael K. Lee Jonathan
Jang Gwang Yoon Dae-sik
Yoon Bo-ra Alice
Oh Yeon-ah Egret
Lee El Ma Ji-young
Kal So-won Jin Sun-mi
Daniel Joey Albright Tony
Park Seul-gi Reporter
Yoo Yeon-jung Lee Da-in
Sung Hyuk General Dong
Kim Sung-oh Lee Han-joo
One Hong Hae-ah
Im Ye-jin Peddler
Seo Eun-woo __
Lee Yong Ee __
Song Jong-ho Kang Dae-sung
Sung Ji-ru Soobori
Lee So-yeon Bookseller
Jo Sung-ha __
Seo Yoon Ah Mi-joo
Kim Yeon Woo Kim Yeon-woo
Park Sang-hoon Eun-seong
Min Sung-wook Saekjungki
Kim Ji-sung the
Jung Jae-eun Maternal Aunt
Kang Seong-Pil Gangster
Choi Dae-sung __
Park Seung-tae Kang Myung-ja
Kim Ji-Soo Cha Eun
No-shik Park Dokchi
Baek Seung-Hee __
Son Yeong-Soon __

A Korean Odyssey Overview

A Korean Odyssey Overview

A Korean Odyssey is a South Korean drama that mixes fantasy with adventure and romance. The story is a modern take on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. In this version, characters from the ancient story live in today’s world. The main character, Son Ogong, is a powerful being who looks for a true light to fight evil. He meets Jin Sun-mi, a woman who can see supernatural beings, and they work together to tackle dark forces. The show features magic, battles between good and evil, and a story of love and friendship. It’s a creative and entertaining series that combines old legends with modern life.

Original SoundTrack

Part 1

No. Title Artists Length
1. Let Me Out NU’EST W 03:18
2. Let Me Out (Inst.)   03:18
Total length: 06:36

Part 2

No. Title Artists Length
1. When I Saw You Bumkey 02:57
2. When I Saw You (Inst.)   02:57
Total length: 05:54

Part 3

No. Title Artists Length
1. I’ll Be By Your Side (네 옆에 있을게) MeloMance 04:04
2. I’ll Be By Your Side (Inst.)   04:04
Total length: 08:08

Part 4

No. Title Artists Length
1. I’ll Be Fine (뒷모습) Suran 04:16
2. I’ll Be Fine (Inst.)   04:16
Total length: 08:32

Part 5

No. Title Artists Length
1. If You Were Me (ft. Yoo Hwe-seung of N.Flying) (니가 나라면) AOA (Jimin, Yuna) 03:13
2. If You Were Me (ft. Yoo Hwe-seung of N.Flying) (Inst.)   03:13
Total length: 06:26

Part 6

No. Title Artists Length
1. If We Were Destined (운명이라면) Ben 04:08
2. If We Were Destined (Inst.)   04:08
Total length: 08:16

Part 7

No. Title Artists Length
1. Like A Miracle (Someday) (그 언젠가 기적처럼) Hwang Chi-yeul 03:56
2. Like A Miracle (Someday) (Inst.)   03:56
Total length: 07:52

Part 8

No. Title Artists Length
1. Always You leeSA 02:53
2. Always You (Inst.)   02:53
Total length: 05:46

Part 9

No. Title Artists Length
1. Believe Mackelli 03:38
2. Believe (Inst.)   03:38
3. Justify (Opening Title) Various Artists 01:50
4. Fara Effect Various Artists 02:29
5. Fire Various Artists 02:28
6. Mawang Tension Various Artists 01:26
7. Ghost scene Various Artists 01:50
Total length: 14:55

K Drama A Korean Odyssey Storyline

K Drama A Korean Odyssey Storyline

A Korean Odyssey is a modern fantasy story from South Korea. It’s based on an old Chinese story but set in today’s world. The drama is about Son Ogong and Ma Wang, two beings with magical powers. They are looking for a true light in a world full of darkness and bad things. They meet a woman named Seon Mi. She can see magical beings because of a special promise she made with Son Ogong when she was little. Now, they all try to find the light and fight the darkness together. This story is full of magic, adventures, and some romance.

Plot Summary

A Korean Odyssey is a modern fantasy drama about a woman named Seon-mi who can see ghosts and a mischievous immortal named Oh-gong. Seon-mi grew up to run a real estate business that deals with haunted houses. She and Son Ogong meet again as adults, and she learns he is trying to become immortal again by eating the flesh of a special person called Sam-jang, who turns out to be Seon-mi herself. Despite this, they start to develop a complicated relationship. Son Ogong is given a magical bracelet that makes him fall in love with Seon-mi, but this love is tested by various threats and the prophecy that one might have to kill the other. The drama combines romance, action, and supernatural elements as they face different challenges and demons.



In “A Korean Odyssey,” the story takes a significant turn when Son Ogong and Jin Sun-mi’s relationship deepens, revealing their intertwined fates and the prophecy that could determine their future. The climax of the drama unfolds as they face the ultimate evil, Kang Dae-sung, who seeks to harness dark forces for his gain, threatening the balance between the human and supernatural worlds.

This pivotal moment forces Son Ogong to confront his true feelings for Jin Sun-mi and make a heart-wrenching decision to protect her, even at great personal cost. The tension peaks as alliances are tested, and characters must choose between their desires and the greater good, leading to a dramatic conclusion that addresses themes of sacrifice, love, and redemption.

Parents Guide

A Korean Odyssey has received various age ratings globally, suggesting it might not be suitable for very young audiences. For instance, it’s rated 13+ in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and other countries, while in South Korea and the United Kingdom, it’s rated 15. These ratings indicate the presence of content that may be inappropriate for children under these ages, such as mild violence, frightening scenes, or themes that require a mature understanding. Parents should consider these ratings and the nature of the show’s fantasy and supernatural elements before allowing younger children to watch. 

User Reviews

  • Absolutely loved it! The combination of humour, romance, and supernatural elements was perfect. Lee Seung-gi and Oh Yeon-seo have amazing chemistry, making their character’s complicated relationship truly captivating. A must-watch for fans of fantasy dramas.
  • The storyline was engaging from start to finish, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. The visual effects were impressive, adding to the otherworldly feel of the drama. However, some episodes felt a bit dragged out.
  • The soundtrack of ‘A Korean Odyssey’ is fantastic, with each song perfectly capturing the mood of the scene. While the main cast was exceptional, the supporting characters also delivered memorable performances. Definitely adds depth to the overall story.
  • Had high expectations due to the hype but was somewhat disappointed. The plot seemed repetitive at times, and the ending felt rushed. While the acting was good, the storyline could have been tighter to avoid unnecessary filler episodes.
  • This drama is a rollercoaster of emotions. It expertly blends elements of traditional Korean folklore with modern-day storytelling. The character development, especially of Son Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi, was well executed, making their journey together heartfelt and genuine.

A Korean Odyssey OST

A Korean Odyssey Trailer

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