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Zeba Bakhtiar Bio

Zeba Bakhtiar is an elegant, glorious, and successful Pakistani actress. She is an accomplished artist who earned a massive acknowledgment and cheering for her struggle throughout her career. She is a daughter of the late Yahya Bakhtiar, who worked out as attorney general.

Zeba is an Ex-wife of a famous singer of India named Adnan Sami Khan. This article has all the data about Zeba regarding Zeba Bakhtiar’sBakhtiar’s Family and Life.

About Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba is an example of beauty and perfection. Her captivation and elegance are unmatchable. She is a legendary Pakistani actress as well as a director. She has worked in numerous memorable Pakistani films and serials that got fame in no time and are outstanding.

Zeba Bakhtiar has also worked in Bollywood. Zeba is still considered an elegant and skillful actress who can give tough competition to all the junior and senior artists.

Zeba Bakhtiar Date of Birth

Zeba Bakhtiar was born on the 5th of November in the year 1962 in Quetta. Nowadays, Zeba is residing in Karachi with her family.

Education of Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba finished off her education at Convent School, Quetta. Later, for her LLB, she went to Kannaid College, Lahore. However, she could not complete her bachelor’s degree and became an ingredient of Showbiz.

Zeba Bakhtiar Family

Zeba is the daughter of retired attorney general Yahya Bakhtiar. Her mother was a Hungarians named Sylvia Vallencanto. Her married life always stayed debatable and questionable. She first tied the knot to Salman Valliani, but soon they were separated after a limited time. Later, she tied the knot with Javed Jaffry that also did not work, and both split their ways.

Then, she got married to a famous Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan in 1993. She had a son Azaan Sami Khan working as an Assistant Director and music composer in Pakistan. Nonetheless, both wanted a separation and were separated in 1997.

Showbiz Career

Zeba Bakhtiar has worked in the showbiz industry as an actress as well as a director. She has directed numerous dramas and films. The debut television serial ”Anarkali” featuring Zeba Bakhtiar won many people’s hearts. Zeba received much love and acknowledgment. Later, she started receiving numerous bids and offers globally.

She has worked in many Pakistani serials with many skillful artists and earned tremendous acknowledgment for her work and efforts. She was also praised with the prestigious Nigar Award for her incredible work. In 1991, Zeba made her Bollywood debut in the movie ”Heena” starring Farida Jalal, Rishi Kapoor, and others who became prosperous, successful, and profitable.

Zeba has acted in many other Bollywood movies, too, for instance, ‘Jai Vikraanta’ and ‘Stuntman’. Then, she made her Lollywood debut in the movie ”Sargam” featuring Adnan Sami Khan and Shafqat Cheema that also became a big hit in 1995.

Zeba became an ingredient of Momina Duraid’sDuraid’s movie ”Bin Roye” featuring Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed.

Zeba Bakhtiar Movies

  1. Heena
  2. Stuntman
  3. Mohabbat Ki Aarzoo
  4. Muqadama
  5. Jai Vikraanta
  6. Sargam
  7. Chief Sahab
  8. Babu
  9. Qaid
  10. Musalmaan
  11. O21
  12. Bin Roye

Zeba Bakhtiar Dramas

  1. Anarkali
  2. Tansen
  3. Laag
  4. Mulaqat
  5. Abke Hum Bichre tau Shayad
  6. Muqaddas
  7. Mehmaan
  8. Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwaze
  9. Moum
  • Masuri
  • Doordesh
  • Aye Mere Pyar Ki Khushboo
  • Ishq Ki Ibtida
  • Samjhauta Express
  • Hazaron Saal
  • Aabla Paa
  • Kharaash
  • Pehli Si Mohabbat
  • Be Imaan
  • Takoune
  • Maa Aur Mamta
  • Bin Roye

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