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  • Name: Vasay Chaudhry
  • Famous As: Writer
  • Nationality: Pakistan
  • Residence: Lahore
  • Education: Master’s in Multimedia Arts
  • Higher Education: National College of Arts
  • Religion: Islam
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Humorist, Host
  • Years Active: 2000-present
  • Height: 5 ft 10 Inch
  • Awards: He got number of awards
  • Birthdate: 12th November 1981
  • Place: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Spouse: Mahera Shah
  • Children: 3 Daughters
  • Siblings: Not known

Vasay Chaudhry Personal Life

Vasay Chaudhry is a common face in the media world today many don’t know much about him, or to be precise many don’t know how talented he actually is, the following is a complete biography penning down the talents of this multi-talented star.

Vasay was born on the 12th of November in the year 1981 in Lahore, Pakistan where he spent and lived his entire life to this date.

Chaudhry finished his A-levels from Lahore College of Arts and Sciences. He got admission at the University of the Punjab, Lahore. Further on, he started an MBA at Lahore School of Economics but due to lack of interest dropped the course after the primary semester. He later got an MMA (Master’s in Multimedia Arts) degree at the National College of Arts.

Vasay was married in 2008 to Mahera Shah and now is the father of 3 of daughters.

Vasay Chaudhry Career

Acting career

The life in aspects of career has been very challenging for Vasay Chaudhry, the initiation of his acting career all happened as just for fun, it all happened in 1988 with a theatre play ‘Desperado’ where he had an appearance of barely 45 seconds but those few seconds proved to be a mind changer or him and he actually started thinking of pursuing acting as a profession. After a few roles to polish his skills we finally got to see him in many hit serials of television including ‘Pyaray Afzal’, ‘Mann mayal’, ‘Silvatain’ and many more.

Vasay Chaudhry Writing Career

After acting one of the most skilful talents of Vasay include writing, which he initiated in 2001 with the parody sequential ‘Jutt and Bond’ of Indus TV. After the achievement of this sequential Vasay functioned as an essayist for some fruitful TV serials including ‘Rubber Band’ and ‘Timmy G’ of ARY Digital, ‘Inspector Khojee’ of PTV, ‘Urban Desi’ of Aaj TV, ‘Kash Tu Mera Baap Na Hota’ of Geo TV and some more. The very first long play composed by Vasay was hit TV sequential ‘Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat’ of Geo TV. Furthermore, Vasay composed long plays like ‘Jackson Heights’ of Urdu 1 which was a huge hit and was loved by all. Few more of his projects consist of ‘Abhi Toh Mein Jawan Hoon’ telefilm of Geo TV and PTV, ‘Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti’ of ARY Digital, ‘Terrible Times’ of A Plus Entertainment and so on.

As an Actor

  1. Cafe Chill
  2. Tamasha Ghar (Hari Bhari)
  3. Inspector Khojee
  4. Yaasu Panju Har
  5. Urban Desi
  6. Rubber Band
  7. Jallywood
  8. Kash Tu Mera Baap Na Hota
  9. Na jaane kyun
  10. Silvatain
  11. Annie Ki Ayegi Gi Barat
  12. Timmy G
  13. Kahaani Raima Aur Minahil Ki
  14. Pyaray Afzal
  15. Mann Mayal
  16. Nazdeekiyan
  17. Iagq for sale
  18. Armaan (Film)
  19. Jawani Phir Nahi ani (film)
  20. Jawani Phir Nahi ani 2 (film)

As a writer

  1. Jutt and Bond
  2. Urban Desi
  3. Jallywood
  4. Motor Chalay Pum Pum
  5. Yaraana Purana
  6. Rubber band
  7. Inspector Khojee
  8. Timmy G
  9. Yes sir
  10. Kash Tu Mera Baap Na Hota
  11. annie ki ayegi baraat
  12. dolly ki ayegi baraat
  13. takkay ki ayegi baraat
  14. Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti
  15. Abhi Toh Mein Jawaan hoon
  16. Dolly ki Aa Gai Baraat
  17. Jackson heights
  18. Hum awards
  19. ARY film awards
  20. Armaan (Film)
  21. main hoon shahid afridi (Film)
  22. jawani phir nahi ani (Film)
  23. jawani phir nahi ani 2 (Film)

Vasay Chaudhry Awards List

 Year  Category  Film/Drama  Role  Awards
 2013  Best Supporting Actor  Armaan  Actor  Tarang Housefull Award
 2014  Best Dialogue Writer  main hoon shahid Afridi  Writer  1st ARY film award
 2016  Best Dialogue Writer  jawani phir nahi ani  Writer  2nd ARY film award
 2016  Best Screenplay Writer  jawani phir nahi ani  Writer  2nd ARY film award
 2016  Best Story Award  jawani phir nahi ani  Writer  2nd ARY film award

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