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Tiana Gia Johnson is the daughter of  Dewayne Johnson. Dewayne Johnson is a number one Hollywood star. Tiana Gia was born on 17th April 2018 in the USA and she is the third child of Dewayne Johnson. She is two years old child. You can see many pictures of Tiana Gia with her father on Insta Gram. Lauren Hashian is Tiana Gia’s mother she also posts a lot of pictures of her daughter on Instagram.

Tiana Gia Johnson and Dwayne Johnson

 Tiana Gia Johnson’s Wiki and Biography

Real Name

Tiana Gia Johnson



Date of Birth

17th April 2018




3 Years






Dewayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian


Simone and Jasmine Johnson

Zodiac Sign


Tiana Gia Johnson, Dewayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian 

Tiana Gia Johnson’s Parents

Tiana Gia Johnson is the daughter of Dewayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian. Her father Dewayne Johnson is a famous actor, retired professional fighter, and songster. He is a famous star and popular for working in the diligence moment. At the box office globally his picture had made 10 billion dollars. He was a famous boxer before the actor.

Lauren is Tiana’s mother. She  is a songster-tunesmith. She is very active on social media. She shares pictures of her family on Instagram regularly. She has millions of followers on her social media. Her 2017 single, ‘Go Hard,’ a duet with Walter French, was picked by ESPN as an authorized song for the WNBA season. 

The first time Lauren and Dewayne Johnson was met in 2006 while Johnson was shooting for the film Game Plan’. Before Lauren, Johnson was married to Dany Garcia and they have a son named  Simone Alexandra Johnson. 

In 2007 Johnson and Garcia’s amicable were separated. Lauren makes a relationship with Johnson after the separation of Johnson and Garcia amicable. Jasmine was born on December 16, 2015. She is Tiana’s older sister.  After being in a relationship for over 12 years, the couple got married on  August 18, 2019, in Hawaii.

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