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Bio of Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall is a gorgeous Pakistani model and an actress. She is a Christian and spouse of a Pakistani actor, Co-model Hassan Ahmed, and Benita’s cousin. Hassan and Sunita were blessed with two kids, i.e., One son and one daughter. Being a model, she has done countless work on the ramp and appeared in a few popular dramas.

Birthdate April 9, 1985
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Actress, model, host
Years active 2005–present
Hassan Ahmed (m. 2009)

Since Sunita Marshall is a model and an actor, she has a great fan following. Her fans might want to know about her. We have compiled some information regarding her. Stay with us till the end!

This article has all the information about Sunita, including Biography, Family, Career, and Dramas.

About Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall is a dominant, bold, courageous, and accomplished Pakistani actress and model who has been a part of this glamour industry for a very long time. She has worked in different serials. Therefore, she is best recognized for her role in the drama serial titled ‘Mera Saeein.’

In between her studies, she was offered a television commercial of Sunsilk, and this is how her path to the world of glamour began. She had to go through a rough and tough time with her studies and a modelling career. She belongs to Christianity and never converted to Islam, and even she married a Muslim man.

Once, an interviewer asked her about her journey to success. She answered with a very sensible and encouraging answer that there is no shortcut to earn money for some bread and butter. The only thing you have to do is hard work that will lead you to success.

Date of Birth of Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall was born on the 9th of April in the year 1981, in Dubai. Her family shifted to Karachi after two years of her birth. Nowadays, she is living in Karachi with her family.

Education of Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall holds a degree of Bachelors in Commerce. She has done her bachelor’s from St. Patrick’s College.

Family of Sunita Marshall

Sunita has four siblings, and she is the youngest sister of them all. Her sister, Anjali Marshall, has also worked in the Showbiz Industry for a short period of time.

Sunita tied the knot to Hassan Ahmad, who is also a part of the Showbiz Industry. They hooked both in Islamic and Catholic ways because of her Christian moralities.

She used to give more time to her kids. She takes care of their education and all the necessities. This is the reason she does not sign many dramas at a time. She used to come on screen one or two times per year. Her family is her priority, and that is so sweet.

Showbiz Career of Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall As A Model

Sunita Marshall began her career being a model. She was offered a commercial alongside her sister Anjali Marshall during her matriculation. Later, she started getting offers and was approached by the brands. Also, she has collaborated with many brands and remains the face of many popular brands for a very long time. She was gradually going towards her success. She has done various shows as a showstopper and has worked with many top designers.

However, the world used to think of how she became a model as she is a girl not having a fair complexion. As fair complexion was the priority in the past. Therefore, her features, her confidence and her hard work attracted all so much. Her hard work and her confidence are the keys to her success.

Sunita Marshall As an Actor

Sunita Marshal began her acting career by making a small screen debut in the drama series ‘Suhana’ in 2007. She got an opportunity to work in various outstanding drama serials, including;

  1. ‘Qaid e Tanhai’ featuring Faysal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem, and Saba Hameed.
  2. ‘Mera Saeein’ features Aamina Sheikh, Noman Ijaz, Mohib Mirza, and Faysal Qureshi.
  3. ‘Naimat’ features Zahid Ahmad, Kiran Haq, Seemi Pasha, and many other serials.

Nowadays, she is acting in the drama serial named ‘Aulaad’ alongside Marina Khan, Mohammad Ahmed, Hassan Niazi, Furqan Qureshi, Qudsia, Minsa Malik, Nabeel Zuberi, and many other talented artists.

Sunita Marshall used to work in one or two dramas per year. She has never worked in movies or songs. She likes acting in drama serials.

List of Dramas of Sunita Marshall

  1. Suhana
  2. Tair e Lahoti
  3. Mera Saeein
  4. Tum Jo Miley
  5. Qaid e Tanhai
  6. Mohabbat Roth Jaye To
  7. Mera Saeein 2
  8. Rukhsati
  9. Sitamgar
  10. Dil e Beqarar
  11. Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
  12. Naimat
  13. Main Akaili
  14. Khalish
  15. Ghammand
  16. Aulaad (currently aired on ARY Digital)

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