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Shaan Shahid Biodata

Name:           Shaan Shahid

Real Name:  Armaghan Shaan

Famous As:  Movie Actor

Nationality:  Pakistan

Religion:        Islam


Zodiac Sign: Aries

Birthdate:     27 April 1971

Age:               46 years old

Place:             Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Spouse:         Amina Armaghan Shahid

Children:       4 daughters

Parents:        Riaz Shahid, Neelo

Siblings:         Sarosh Shahid, Zarqa Shahid     

Occupation(s):  Actor, writer and director

Shaan Shahid Education:

Aitchison Colege

Newtown High School, New York


Shan Shahid Introduction:

Prominent actor, producer and writer of Pakistan, Shan Shahid is a great asset of Pakistani Film Industry, with more than 500 movies in her career with upcoming movies. Shaan Shahid changed his name from Armaghan Shahid after joining the industry. His debut film Bulandi with Reema Khan made him a prime actor of Film Industry with a lot of fame.


Shan Shahid Personal Life:

Shaan was born in Lahore, on 27 April 1971, in a family of pre-producer at Riaz Shahid house. Yes, his father was an esteemed respectable producer and director of theatre, film. His mother was also very well-known as “Neelo”, for her films. Interesting about Shaan family, his father was a Muslim and his mother was a Christian, but he runs through Muslim. He got his early education from Pakistan and then move to New York for studying Law, due to his convincing power towards people. In his early age, he started his debut film and become successful in an early step in the industry. Shaan married with Amina Shaan and blessed with four Rehmat in his home (daughters), named as Bahist-i-Bareen Shahid, Fatima Shahid, Shah Bano Shahid and Raanay Shahid.

The career of Shan Shahid:

Shaan Shahid started his career with debut film Bulandi which was released in 1990 and was the very successful film of the time. Shan has done more than 500 films in his career life. He presented himself with different characters in showbiz. He also worked in Indian films too like Ghajni, but latterly he refused to worked with them in a negative role, as he earned a lot of hearts in Pakistan with due to respect of his hard work. He also worked as director of movies too with four movies. His upcoming movies are Gidh, War 2, and Arth2.  He worked as a host in morning show as “GEO SHAAN SAY”. As well, Shaan is also a writer too, he started his movie as “Mission5”, which is written by him and a hit movie of the time. After that, he is also a brand ambassador of many brands in Pakistan. He is working with many brands of Pakistan such as “Pepsi”, “Mobilink”, “UNICEF”, and “One Pack=One Vaccine”.

He got a lot of awards with respect to his hard work regarding many Awards shows in Pakistan. As he did more than 500 movies, he earned a lot of awards from different awards shows such as Lux Award, Nigar Award, Film Award and Pride of Performance Award too. He visits many cities for the promotions of his movie and he also started his own company names as “Riaz Shahid Films” in the honour of his father.


Shaan Shahid Best Films as An Actor

  • Tere Pyaar Main
  • Khilona
  • Mujay Chand Chahiey
  • Ghoonghat
  • O21
  • WAAR
  • Sangam
  • Nikah
  • Majajan
  • Khuda Ke Liey

Shaan Shahid As A Director

  • Guns and Roses – Ik Junoon – 1999
  • Mujhe Chand Chahiye – 2000
  • Moosa Khan – 2001
  • Zill-e-Shah – 2009

 Shaan Shahid Upcoming Films

  • Gidh
  • Waar 2
  • Arth 2

Shaan Shahid Awards and Nominations

  • Government of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance Award (2007)
  • 15 Nigar Awards
  • 5 Lux Style Awards
  • 4 National Film Awards
  • Shaan won Best Film Hero on 2nd Pakistan Media Award (2011)

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