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Fouzia Azeem AKA Qandeel Balouch Biography
Full Name Fouzia Azeem
Nick Name Qandeel Baloch
Profession Social media celebrity, model, actress, singer
Date of Birth March 1, 1990
Death Date July 15, 2016
Birthplace Dera Gazi Khan
Age 26 years
University Georgetown University
Education N/A
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurement 35-25-35 inches
Hobbies N/A
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Height 1.61 m
Weight 56KG
Father’s Name Muhammad Azeem
Mother’s Name Anwar Bibi
Siblings Waseem Azeem, Shahnaz Azeem, Mohammad Aslam Shaheen
Marital Status Divorced
Husband Name Ashiq Hussain 
kids 1 son
Father-in-Law Name N/A
Sister-in-Law Name N/A
Mother-in-Law Name N/A
Net Worth Approx. $0.8 million

Qandeel Baloch’s Introduction

Qandeel Baloch biography

Qandeel Baloch, born Fouzia Azeem on March 1, 1990, was a Pakistani social media celebrity known for challenging societal norms in Pakistan. She grew up in a lower-middle-class, conservative Muslim family in the Dera Ghazi Khan. Despite early resistance to traditional roles, including a forced marriage at age 18, She pursued her dreams in the showbiz industry. She gained notoriety for her bold social media presence and was often compared to Kim Kardashian.

Qandeel Baloch’s Education

She completed her master’s degree at Georgetown University. This academic achievement at such a prestigious institution highlights a lesser-known aspect of her life, showcasing her commitment to education and personal development alongside her public endeavors.

Qandeel Baloch’s Family

Her family belonged to the Baloch group, and she lived in Shah Sadar Din. Qandeel’s family had little money. Her mom and dad, Anwar Bibi and Muhammad Azeem, worked hard on farms to earn a living. She grew up with six brothers and two sisters. As a young girl, Qandeel liked to study and was also interested in acting and singing. Before she became famous, she worked as a bus hostess.

Qandeel Baloch’s Marriage, Kids

She got married when she was just 18 years old. Her family arranged her marriage to a man named Aashiq Hussain, who was her mother’s cousin. Unfortunately, Qandeel was not happy in this marriage. She said that her husband was cruel and often hurt her. Despite these difficulties, they had a son together in 2009.

Qandeel wanted to follow her dreams of being in the entertainment industry, but her husband did not support her. Because of this, she left him and moved to Multan city. Eventually, she found it too hard to care for her son in these new circumstances, so she returned her son to her husband. She hoped that one day when she was successful and had enough money, she could take her son back. After leaving her son and husband, Qandeel moved to Karachi to try and start her career in the showbiz industry.

Qandeel Baloch’s Career

Qandeel Baloch Career

Qandeel Baloch became famous because of what she shared on social media, like her pictures, videos, and thoughts. Many people in Pakistan, a mostly traditional society, thought her posts were bold and unusual. She was known for saying things like How am I looking? and My head hurts in a funny way that caught people’s attention.

Young people in Pakistan liked these phrases and even started using them. Her way of speaking was also popular in India. Some news people worldwide said she was like Kim Kardashian, but people in her own country thought she was even more important because she did things her way and didn’t follow usual rules.

By 2014, Qandeel was often on Pakistani TV shows, where she either sang or talked about how famous she was getting on social media. She was on a show called Desi Kuriyan (season 4) and worked at Neptuner Web Solutions.

In 2016, she met a well-known religious leader, Mufti Abdul Qawi, to learn more about her faith. This meeting caused a big reaction on social media and even led to the Mufti losing his job on a religious committee. After this, Qandeel often talked to religious people on TV about her modern and sometimes controversial way of living.

She once said she would dance with her fans if Pakistan beat India in a cricket game. She even shared a preview of this dance on social media, but Pakistan didn’t win the match.

She also started talking about how women are treated in Pakistan. Just before she died, she made a music video called Ban that made fun of the rules women have to follow in her country.

Qandeel Baloch’s Security Concerns

After Qandeel Baloch met Mufti Abdul Qawi in June 2016, she told everyone at a press conference that she was getting scary messages that threatened her life from him and some other people. She asked the police for help to stay safe. At that time, the news showed Qandeel’s passport and ID card, which had information about where she came from and her father’s name.

Around then, Qandeel’s ex-husband talked about their short marriage in the news. He shared private things about their time together. Qandeel said that her husband had treated her very badly, and she was very upset when she talked about how painful their marriage was. On July 14, 2016, She talked on the phone with a journalist from the Express Tribune. She said she was scared for her life. She had asked the police to protect her, but they did not help her. So, she decided to leave Pakistan and go to another country with her parents after the Eid al-Fitr holidays because she did not feel safe in Pakistan anymore.

Qandeel Baloch’s Controversy

Qandeel Baloch Controversy

Qandeel Baloch became well-known for her bold social media posts, including pictures, videos, and comments, which sparked controversy in Pakistan’s conservative society. Her most famous videos had catchy phrases like How i m looking? and Maire sar mai pain ho raha hai became popular among youth. She gained further attention for her meeting with cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi and a promise to perform a strip dance if Pakistan won a cricket match against India, which was widely discussed in the media. She also used her platform to comment on the position of women in Pakistani society, releasing a music video that mocked the restrictions placed on women. She faced security concerns and received death threats, leading her to seek police protection, which was not provided. Her life ended tragically when her brother murdered her in an honor killing​​.

Qandeel Baloch’s Death

On July 15, 2016, Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother M. Waseem while she slept at her parent’s house in Multan. Her father, Azeem, reported her death. At first, people thought she was shot, but later it was found she was suffocated in her sleep sometime between 11:15 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. When her body was found, she had been dead for 15 to 36 hours. There were signs on her body showing she was suffocated by blocking her mouth and nose.

The police started a case against her brother Waseem and another brother, Aslam Shaheen, who might have encouraged Waseem to kill Qandeel. Their father said in the case that his sons killed her for money. He also said, My daughter was brave, and I will not forget or forgive her brutal murder.

Waseem was caught on July 16. He admitted to killing his sister, saying she was harming their family’s honor, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He said he did it when everyone else was asleep and that his brother Aslam was not involved​​​​​​.

Qandeel Baloch’s Murder Case

Qandeel Baloch Murder Case

In Qandeel Baloch’s murder case, the government was the one officially complaining, so her family couldn’t forgive the killer and stop the punishment. Mufti Abdul Qawi was also mentioned as being involved in the crime report made by her father. In September 2019, her brother Waseem got a life sentence for murdering her. Then, in February 2022, it was reported that a higher court released Waseem after being in jail for three years, but the details of this decision were not shared publicly.

Qandeel Baloch’s Net Worth

Qandeel Baloch Net worth

Before her untimely death, Qandeel Baloch, a well-known social media personality and activist from Pakistan, had accumulated an approximate net worth of $0.8 million. This figure is a testament to her success and popularity, particularly through her activities and influence on social media, where she garnered significant attention and following. Baloch’s financial success highlighted her impact on the digital world and the entertainment industry.


How did Qandeel Baloch become famous?

In 2013, Qandeel Baloch became known after she tried out for the show Pakistan Idol. Her audition was liked by many people and made her famous on the internet.

Is Qandeel Baloch's brother jailed?

The brother of murdered social media star Qandeel Baloch has been freed by a Pakistan appeals court three years after he was convicted of killing her for “bringing dishonor” to the family. Baloch's murder in 2016 sparked a national outcry and promoted changes in the country's so-called 'honor killing' laws.

Where is Qandeel Baloch buried?

Qandeel Baloch is buried in the Shah Sadar Din area in the Dera Ghazi Khan District, Punjab, Pakistan. This is where she hailed from and where her final resting place is .

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