Qandeel Baloch Biography, Age, Family, Drama List, Scandals, and Death

Qandeel Baloch Biography, Age, Family, Drama List, Scandals, and Death

Bio of qandeel baloch

Qandeel Baloch was a Social Media Star of Pakistan who got popularity by uploading her provocative and dubious videos and pictures on social media sites, i.e., Facebook and YouTube. Her real name was Fauzia Azeem. Therefore, her popularity was not just the controversial videos but also numerous rumours and scandals that made her the Public Figure on Pakistan's social media overnight. Sadly, she was killed by her brother in the year 2016.

This article has all the data regarding Qandeel, including Qandeel Baloch Biography, career, life, and death.

About Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel became a well-known social media public figure in Pakistan in a short period of time. As she was so dubious and used to upload provocative pictures, so people did not accept her and threw dirt at her, while others called her a strong and courageous lady who made her identity and got a name and fame without any help. Her fan-following was touching the sky.

More than half a million people were following her on Facebook. She was one of the top ten most searched personalities on Google, beautiful, attractive, and full of life but a provocative figure.

Qandeel shook everyone from social media sites to mainstream media with her videos and her descriptions. She succeeded in getting everyone's attention and became the centre of attraction by just showing off herself.

The demise of Qandeel Baloch did what the renowned women's rights organizations could not do. On her death, the governors declared that women's honour killings would be taken up in the assemblage. Finally, the law was passed by a substantial majority in the joint sitting of the assembly.

Date of Birth of Qandeel Baloch

The controversial star of Pakistan was born on March 1, 1990. Her birthplace was Dera Ghazi, Punjab. She went to Karachi for and started residing there.

Education of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch got married at a very young age, so she could not complete her studies.

Family of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch was one of the nine children. She was from a poor village in the Punjab province of Pakistan. At the age of 17 in 2008, she tied the knot with a relative of her mother, named Ashiq Hussain, who hit and beat her. Also, God blessed her with a son. When she got a chance to escape, she fled with her newborn son to a women's roof. While living in the shelter, she returned her son to her in-laws.

Early Life of Qandeel Baloch

She left her husband because of his arrogance and narrow-mindedness. She went to Lahore and started modelling for different brands. She also started acting in dramas. Her family was furious and offended, so she used Qandeel Baloch's name to conceal her real identity in showbiz. She was bubbly and optimistic, who gained the most popular social media, and captured selfies with various public figures.

Career of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch As an Actor

Qandeel Baloch acted in the drama serial titled 'Mohabbat Wenham Hei' on aired on PTV Home. Zulfiqar Ali directed this drama serial and was produced in Lahore. She performed well and played the role of a soft-spoken and kind girl in this drama, which eased her in making new friends in the showbiz world, including the director Muhammad Shafique with whom she worked in another serial titled 'Lamhon Ke Bhool.'

Audition in Pakistan Idol of QANDEEL BALOCH

The first reason for her publicity and gossips was to be rejected in the audition of Pakistan Idol in the year 2013, after which the clip of her sobbing and weeping madly went viral.

Participation in Desi Kuriyaan Of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel took part in a reality TV show 'Desi Kuriyaan' and 12 other girls from downtown areas. They were appointed to live in the village. Also, they were given some village-related tasks to do. She got eliminated after a few episodes but later re-entered through a wild card option.

Scandals of Qandeel Baloch

The scandal with Mufti Abdul Qawi

Qandeel Baloch got fame because of her provocative videos, but she earned real fame after her gossip with Mufti Abdul Qawi. Images of the two started to circulate on social media. After these photographs, Mufti Qawi was so offensive that he had to leave the Moon Sighting Committee.

Scandal for using Shahid Afridis Name

In the past, her name was also associated with Shahid Afridi. She uploaded a video in March 2016 in which she was dancing. Stating to the Pakistan T20 team Shahid Afridi, she addressed that if the Pakistani team led by Shahid Afridi won against the Indian team in the T20 match, she would upload the full video of her dancing. This video became famous overnight.

Scandal by using Virat Kholi's Name

Qandeel shared a message on Facebook that she seemed very annoyed with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and said, 'Why Anushka Virat Baby?' Qandeel also stated that 'Leave Anushka and think of me.' This piece of the message was also viral on Facebook.

Scandal by using Imran Khan's Name

Qandeel became the most famous after her scandal with Imran Khan. She had revealed her love for Imran Khan many times and proposed to him publicly, but this is about when Imran Khan did not become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and was heading the PTI.

Haters of Qandeel Baloch

Her comment section was a vulnerable place, with vulgar insults and death threats such as 'If I find this lady alone, I will shoot her, I am looking for a rifle, someone send her address please.' She usually made fun of her haters. She posted a status once on Facebook that, 'Whether you love me or hate me, I have an advantage. If you love me, I will live in your heart, and if you hate me, I will live in your mind.'

Death of Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel's brother Wasim killed her while she was napping at night. After her killing, the law has eliminated the stains of pardon by relatives in honour killings. Wasim Azeem was convicted to life in prison, and another brother of Qandeel was exiled from Saudi Arabia for his crime.


Qandeel baloch Qandeel baloch biography

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