Natasha Khan Biography, Early Life, Career, And Her Songs

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Biography of Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a Pakistani songster, songwriter, composer, and audio engineer. She is also the first educated female audio engineer in Pakistan. Natasha stepped into Coke Studios. In Season 9 as a singer in Coke Studios (Pakistani TV program) and Season 10 as a singer and supporting the singer.

Born 25 October 1979
Birthplace London, England


  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • multi-instrumentalist

This article has all the information regarding Natasha Khan’s life, Career, Discography, and collaborations.

Life and career of Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan was born in Islamabad and now lives in London. She graduated from the SAE Institute and is preparing, mixing, and composing several mainstream works. Natasha began her career with her single Fire, released in 2005. The song is available on the streaming platform Reverb Nation. After a long break, she returned to the mainstream with Cook in Season 9 of Cook Studios and performed “Dil Kamala.”

She returned to Cook Studios Pakistan (Season 10) as a backing singer and featured artist, where she performed her second with Ali Zafar. Dwight performed the song “You Think.” Also, Natasha is the recording engineer for the feature film Azadi. Natasha has also performed a song by Temasha-Band in Money Throw, which was published in Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Natasha Khan is also seen in Kashan Admani’s Acoustic Station. Natasha performed Nadia Hussain’s song, Ji Lone, as a backing singer at the Acoustic Station.

Natasha Khan is a part of Kashman Admani’s global collaboration, including Grammy nominee Simon Phillips (drummer), Grammy Award winner Charlie Basharat, Stuart Ham, Roman Miroshenko, Lily Casley, Plush Sen, Louisa Proct, and musicians from around the world. The song ‘Hum Ek Hain’ also features Pakistani musicians, including Farhad Humayun, Faqir, Najam Shiraz, Rafi Israr, Imran Shafiq, Natasha Baig, and many more.

We are one (song of global cooperation) by Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan, produced by Katashan Admani, performed We Are One (Global Cooperation Song). The song brings together 40 musicians from around the world for a message of hope and solidarity.

Discography of Natasha Khan

OST by Natasha Khan

  1. Dil Ki Lagi for Telefilm Karwat by Laila Leghari

Singles by Natasha Khan

  1. Aag
  2. Zara Suniye Toh Featuring Mirage Band
  3. Pyar Hua Featuring Mirage Band
  4. Duur Rahay Ho – Reprise Version
  5. Aankhain Featuring Kami Gee
  6. Mera Pyar – Tribute to Amir Zaki
  7. Shake My Soul – Shah Rule Featuring Natasha Khan

Coke Studio songs by Natasha Khan

  1. The National Anthem of Pakistan – Coke Studio Pakistan Season#9
  2. Aye Raah e Haq Ke Shaheedo – Coke Studio Pakistan Season#9
  3. Dil Kamla
  4. Yo Soch

Acoustic Station of Natasha Khan

  1. Jee Loon by Nida Hussain

Collaborations of Natasha Khan

  1. We are One

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