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Muneeb Butt Biography

Name:                                                Muneeb Butt

Date of Birth:                                    16 April 1991

Muneeb Butt Age:                            28 years old

Birth Place:                                        Karachi, Pakistan

Muneeb Butt Profession:                  Actor and Model

Nationality:                                       Pakistani

Religion:                                            Islam

Muneeb Butt Horoscope:                  Aries

Siblings:                                             One Brother and One Sister

Muneeb Butt Wife:                            Aiman Khan

Daughter:                                          Amal Muneeb


Masters in Media Science

Iqra University, Karachi

Muneeb Butt Introduction:

One of the pin-up actor and model in Pakistani Media industry is Muneeb Butt. In earlier, we saw him in modelling from different brands and after that he joined showbiz for longer and after that he is very prominent actor of industry due to his talent in many characters. A very soft person with kind heart giving his best in every serial with his skills.

Muneeb Butt Personal Life:

 Muneeb Butt born in Karachi on 16 April in a Kashmiri family who has not link with media industry before this. He has two siblings as one brother and one sister. Muneeb Butt done his BS in media Science from Iqra University. After working as a model with multi famous brands, finally he started his debut drama serial Humnasheen in 2013 as a role of Saqib. Latterly worked with many serials since 2019. Muneeb Butt got married with rising start Aiman Khan in November 2018 with very prominent events consisted on more than 18 days. Both coupled blessed with a daughter inn August 2019 as named Amal Muneeb.

Muneeb Butt Career:

Muneeb Butt started his debut with drama serial Hunasheen in 2013 on HUM TV with Adnan Siddiqui and Sara Khan. after working as a model with many prominent brands. His passion for his work tells us his enthusiastic performance for showbiz. He worked in drama serial Kadoorat drama serial in 2013. His versatile performance in Sanakht in 2014 drama serial displayed his playing character with success steps towards his career. He has done many of other dramas after that and played a very intense role, some negative role as well and nearly some comedy-based role too in his drama list. His one of super hit drama serial was Koi Channd Rakh with Ayeza Khan and Imran abbas attained fans attention towards him. Recently he worked in drama serial Choti Choti Baten in 2019. And after that worked in a telefilm as Pinky Ka Dulha in 2019. He got millions of followers now on social media. He is very active on media as his wife to share their little experiences with their fans. He also worked in film with debut movie Halla Gulla but unfortunately, that film was not hit so, that was sad thing for him. Muneeb Butt is now nominated for Hum Awards as a Best Popular Actor for Bandi and another one is Best Onscreen Couple same for Baandi, let’s hope good for him for his pending awards of 2019.

Muneeb Butt Drama List

Humnasheen – Drama (2013)

Kadoorat – Drama (2013)

Sanakht – Drama (2014)

Bay Qasoor – Drama (2015)

Judai – Drama (2015)

Rishton Ki Dor – Drama (2015)

Be Qasoor – Drama (2015)

Khatoon e Manzil – Drama (2015)

Tum Yaad Aye – Drama (2016)

Khawab Siraye – Drama (2016)

Zindaan – Drama (2017)

Yeh Ishq Hai – Drama (2017)

Ghairat – Drama (2017)

Daldal – Drama (2017)

Zid – Drama (2018)

Kaisa Hai Naseeeba – Drama (2019)

Yaariyan – Drama (2019)

Choti Choti Baten – Drama (2019)

Muneeb Butt Movie List

Halla Gulla – Pakistani Movie (2015)

Ishq 2020 – Pakistani Movie (2016)

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