Laila Khan Biography, Date of Birth, Early Life, Career, and Fusion Songs

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Biography of Laila Khan

Laila Khan, a Pakistani Pashtun playback singer. Among contemporary artists, he is considered one of the most famous supporters of Pashto music. In addition to acting, she became famous for singing fusion songs in five languages ​​, i.e.

  1. Pashto
  2. Urdu
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Arabic.
Birth name Laila Khan
Also known as Lilly
Born 14 June 1997
Genres Pashto music, Pop music
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2013–present
Labels Latoon Productions

This article consists of all the information regarding Laila Khan’s life, career, and fusion songs.

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Date of Birth of Laila Khan

Laila Khan is also known as Lilly. She was born on the 14th of June in the year 1997.

Early life and career of Laila Khan

According to The Express Tribune in May 2016, Khan’s music career began in 2013. Most of his songs are in Pashto. Arabic and Urdu poetry has prominently explained the limousines of Khan’s writings. So far, most of his work has been with Layton Productions.

His first song was Z Leela Emma. In 2015, his popular songs were titled “Khoshra Da Pakhto Da (Recorded for Pakistan Super League Cricket Team Peshawar Zalmi) and Slowly My Life May Come. He has also worked in the Pashto cinema industry, which Polly Also called Wood.

In January 2015, she was one of the singing villages that Presidential Award winner Laiqzada Laiq wrote in a memoir for those who lost their lives in the 2014 Peshawar school massacre. As of May in 2016, Khan was working with Fawad Khan, owner of Leyton Productions, to complete his latest Pashto album for Army Public School Peshawar students and all those killed in the 2014 Peshawar school massacre. Two of her songs from this album have already been known globally.

In 2016, Khan was Pakistan’s chosen representative to perform at various international concerts in Tunisia and other leading international singers. Khan noted that the goal he was pursuing in Tunisia was to “promote peace in the region severely affected by the militant uprising that began five years ago.” It happened.”

Despite being a comparatively new artist, he is considered one of the most popular Pashto singers. 

She is also known for a fusion song, which she performed in five languages

  1. Pashto
  2. Urdu
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Arabic

As of May 2016, Khan had performed at five concerts, with reports of 25 additional shows.

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