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Bio of Khursheed Bano

Khursheed Bano was born on the 14th of April in the year 1914. She was a singer and an actress. Also, she was an explorer of the Indian cinema. Her work ran through the 1930s and 1940s before she moved to Pakistan in the year 1948. Making her debut with Laila Majnu in 1931, she appeared in over thirty movies in India. She is acknowledged for her film Tansen, which she did in 1943 with actor-singer K. L. Saigal, which emphasized many memorable songs.

The early life of Khursheed Bano

Khursheed Bano took birth as Irshad Begum in a Kasur District town near Lahore. As a child, she lived in the Bhatti Gate area, the neighbourhood of Allama Iqbal’s house.

The career of Khursheed Bano

Khursheed Bano commenced her film career with the screen named Shehla in the film titled Eye for an Eye in the year 1931, when the first talkie film, called Alam Ara of the subcontinent, was released. Some of her movies released during this period were Laila Majnu in 1931, Muflis Aashiq in 1932, Naqlee Doctor in 1933, Bomb Shell and Mirza Sahiban in 1935, Kimiagar in 1936, Iman Farosh in 1937, Madhur Milan in 1938, and Sitara in 1939.

From 1931 to 1942, she appeared in films made by the studios in Calcutta and Lahore, but as a singer-actress, the movie did not affect her. She did various films in the 1940s were Musafir in 1940, Holi in 1940 (“Bhigoi Moree Saree Ray”), Shadi in 1941 (“Hari ke Goon Prabhu ke Goon gavan mein” and “Ghir Ghir Aaye Baderia”), Pardesi in 1941, (“Pehley Jo Mohabbat Sey Inkaar Kia Hota” and “Mori Ateria Hai Sooni”). In Bhakta Surdas in 1942, “Panchee Bawra,” whose author was Gyan Dutt, became a popular song of the 1940s.

Other popular songs from the same movie include “Madhur Madhur Ga Re Manwa,” “Jhooli Bhar Taare Ladhe Re,” and a duet with LL Siegel “Chandni Raat Aur Tere Khale Hun.” Her heyday came when she moved to Bombay with actors like KL Siegel and Motilal to star in Ranjit Movietone films. She gained immense popularity when she starred opposite the famous singer-actor KL Siegel in the Chatrabhuj Doshi-directed Hunger Surdas (1942), followed by Tenson (1943) and was named “First in the Singing Star.” is called. [5] Its other two main stars were Jayaraj and Ishwar Lal.

She starred in 1943 as a nurse. Tinson (1943), along with Khemchand Prakash’s music, was also a milestone in her acting career. Her most famous songs include “Barso Re,” “Ghatta Ghan Ghor Ghor,” “Dokiya Jiara,” “Ab Raja Bhai Murai Balm,” and a duet, “More Bal Pin Pin Sati Cheela,” along with LL Siegel.

Her other famous films are Mumtaz Mahal (1940) (“What We Pass on,” “Heartbeat”), Shahenshah Babar (1944) (“The whole world is burning in love,” “Bubble came you too”) Is) “), Prabhu’s House and Statue (1945) (” Amboy P Coil Bole, “Badriya Bars Gayi Aws Par “) Blue Sea Queen with Music Composition, Mud (1947) (” Shadow Kali Ghata Moor Balm “) In 1947 and Your Daughter (1948) (“My daughter Sonu Bhagwan”).

Migration to Pakistan of Khursheed Bano

Her last film in India was Papia Ray (1948), which successfully left its mark in the Indian film industry before emigrating to Pakistan. Khurshid migrated with her husband after independence in 1948 and settled in Pakistan, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

She acted in two films, Artist and Market, in 1956. Mandi Khurshid and music composer Rafiq Ghaznavi were notable, but the film did not do well at the box office due to poor handling. The second film, produced by Robert Malik, a physics teacher at St. Paul’s English High School in Karachi, faced the same fate.

Personal life of Khursheed Bano

Khurshid married his manager Lala Yaqub (not to be confused with the famous Indian actor Yaqub), a short-lived actor with Kardar Productions, and a Bhati Gate member Group Lahore Pakistan. Due to personal concerns, she divorced Jacob in 1956. She married Yusuf Bhai Mian in 1956, who was in the shipping business. She had three children and had stopped working in films since his last movie in 1956.

Death of Khursheed Bano

Khursheed Bano died on the 18th of April in 2001 in Karachi, Pakistan, four days after her 87th birthday.

Filmography of Khursheed Bano


  1. Laila Majnu (as Shahla) (1931)
  2. Muflis Ashiq (1932)
  3. Hatili Dulhan (1931)
  4. Chatra Bakavali (1932)
  5. Nakli Doctor (1933)
  6. Mirza Sahiban (as Khursheed) (1935)
  7. Aankh Ka Nasha (as Shehla) (1933)
  8. Swarg Ki Sidhi (as Khursheed) (1935)
  9. Bombshell (as Khursheed) (1935)
  10. Sipah Salar (1936)
  11. Piya Ki Jogan (as Shahla) (1936)
  12. Kimiagar (1936)
  13. Ailane Jung (1936)
  14. Sitara (1938)
  15. Prem Samadhi (1938)
  16. Madhur Milan (1938)
  17. The Daughters of India (1939)
  18. Kaun Kisi ka (1939)
  19. AAP Ki Marzi (1939)
  20. Musafir (1940)
  21. Holi (1940)
  22. Shaadi (1941)
  23. Pardesi (1941)
  24. Beti (1941)
  25. Choti Ma
  26. Chandni (1942)
  27. Bhakta Surdas (1942)
  28. Tansen (1943)
  29. Dr Kumar (1944)
  30. Shahenshah Babar (1944)
  31. Mumtaz Mahal (1944)
  32. Prabhu Ka Ghar (1945)
  33. Moorti (1945)
  34. Devar (1946)
  35. Phoolwari (1946)
  36. Manjhdhar (1947)
  37. Rangeen Kahani (1947)
  38. Mitti (1947)
  39. Aap Beeti (1948)
  40. Papiha Re (1948)


  1. Mandi (1956)
  2. Fankar (1956)

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