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Hira Mani Introduction

Hira Mani, The hot of topic today, bold, chatty and Charming. A women who fits herself perfectly in each role, her flexibility and diversity is what keep her in demand every upcoming drama project and Television commercial.

In Hira,there is pure attraction, not just in her appearance but also her sense of style and genuine muse.

A huge name today in the Pakistani television industry, a Multitalented host and former VJ and indeed, a diverse actor

Hira has established a career in the Urdu television industry. She gained critical acclaim for portraying a role Gaiti in Hum TV’s ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’

The Early life of Hira

The only sister to four brother, and the only daughter to her parents,Hira grew up quite pampered despite having a mediocre background, Hira was the daughter of a banker, and grew up in Karachi, around the area of Hyderi.


At the age of 19, Married to the man of her dreams, Mani (Salman) who is an actor and Tv anchor by profession.

The marriage of Hira to her husband Salman Siddiqui (Mani) has been a quite controversial topic in the news these days, as Hira opened up personal details about how her marriage with Mani was possible.

Hira opened up about topics in her life which indeed were controversial, that might give a chance to people to criticize her or judge her for her past mistakes, It takes a great deal of courage and strength to open up in public about one’s mistakes and past life and Indeed, this beauty did that all.

Hira Mani in Samina Peerzada

In Samina Peerzada’s show, Hira revealed the back story of her marriage that proved the quote ‘Alls fair in Love and War’ as she did all she could, to be with man she loves.

Hira disclosed the harsh truth behind her wanting to get married, forced to study medical Hira devised a plan to run away from all those scary big books, she thought of getting married in order to run away from studying medical.

Young and oblivious, she accepted a proposal from one of her cousins and got engaged.

Later on, she felt caged and realized she committed a huge mistake and broke off that engagement.

After which, she was engaged again to another man, a dentist by profession. During all this time while being engaged to someone else she met Mani, her friends boyfriend and that’s how the love story initiated of Hira and Mani

In order to be with Mani, Hira not only cheated on her Finance but also cheated on her best friend, but indeed not all have the guts to admit such big crime in public and be this vocal about their mistakes.

Hira Mani Career

Initiating Hira started her career with a VJ job after which to moved forth and started hosting, and then Excelled even more in the media industry and made her first debut in acting in ARY Digitals drama serial ‘Meri teri Kahani’ in 2012 along side her husband.

Then after a start in acting, began Hiras real fame and success story.

Hira Mani Drama List

Jab we Wed (2013)

Firaaq (2013)

Preet na kariyo koi (2015)

Mr. Shamim (2016) 

Kitni girhai baki hain (2016)

Dil mom ka diya (2018)

Thays (2018)

Angaan (2019)

Do bol (2019)

Her recent drama ‘Do Bol’ had been a huge reason for her increasing fandom overnight, as she is seen playing the female lead with maintained emotions and perfection.

Hira Mani Children

Hira and Mani, parents to two Beautiful sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim.

What’s Hira up to?

Sources confirm, that Hira may be seen this year in an upcoming drama serial with the famous actor, Junaid Khan.

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