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Born into writing and storytelling, Greg began his journey as a writer in Hollywood. Berlanti was just 26 years old when he landed his first job at WBC Dawson Creek.

With his extraordinary writing abilities and ability to tell a fluid story, the ranks of the production increased, from the author of the Berlanti staff to the executive producer. After leaving Kevin Williamson’s show, Berlanti arrived as an exhibitor.

Through his exposure in the industry, Greg has repeatedly tried to show the importance of gay characters in Hollywood. Because of their efforts, the first television show featured the first homosexual kiss between two men on a primary television show.

Full Name: Gregory Berlanti
Age: 47 years
Birth Date: May 24, 1972
Horoscope: Gemini
Birth Place: Rye, New York, USA
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed
Education: Northwestern University
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Robbie Rogers
Profession: Writer, Producer, Film Director
Net Worth: $200 million


Greg Berlanti with his creations

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter about it, Berlanti described how resistance initially was. But when they took over the show, it all changed. He expressed his disappointment,

“When we kissed Jack on Dawson’s Creek, everyone was rational. But I took over the show, and it was an important thing for me. If we were to bring the character to the public, I would be stupid. He seemed to be unable to kiss.
When asked what they would do in the event that they wouldn’t kiss, Berlanti added, she was ready to leave.

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Since its first work in 1998, Berlanti has created many works for Warner Brothers, including Everwood and Jack & Bobby. Some of Berlin’s most notable works are the Club of Broken Hearts: A Romantic Comedy, Brothers and Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Ellie Stone, Laura’s Mysteries, Life As We Know, and more.

DC Comics and Reversal

In Berlanti’s works, he is mostly known for his work with DC Comics. Probably not many people know, but Greg Ryan was a co-writer and co-producer of the Reynolds film Green Lantern. Since the movie failed to create a ripple in the marketplace and at the box office, its further release was canceled.


On the contrary, this association with Arrow has proved fruitful. Based on CW’s Green Arrow, Berlanty designed, wrote and produced the series. Likewise, his other work with DC Comics includes Super Girl, Black Lighting, Titan, Doom Patrol and more.

Additionally, the Burnt Hill hit Netflix series is a producer on the pilot episode of Riverdale.

Net worth and income

Berlanti is a famous name in Hollywood as a writer, producer, and director. With her ability to write and direct, young Berlanti has made a tremendous amount of money from her career in Hollywood. So far, Greg estimates the net is 200 million.

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In addition, in June 2018, express writer Greg signed a six-year contract with Warner Brothers worth $ 300 million. Not to mention, the deal put Warner at a proprietary stake in Greg Berlanti’s production.

Geography, childhood, and education

The creator’s arrow, Greg Berlanti, was born in Rye City, New York, United States, called Gregory Berlanty. He is the son of a father, Eugene Berlanty and his mother, Barbara Muller Berlanty. Similarly, Berlanti’s father worked as a shopkeeper while his mother worked at a cattle ranch.

In addition to her parents, Berlanty grew up with her younger sister, Dina Berlanty.

Also, Berlanti is Native American and belongs to mixed ethnicity: English, Irish, German and Italian. Most definitely, the youngster went to Burleigh Rye Secondary School and moved on from Northwestern College.

Age, Height, and Measurement G How old is Greg Berlanti?

Creative writer and producer, Greg was born on May 24, 1972, which means he’s 47 years old now. Plus, its star sign is Gemini.

Likewise, much has not been revealed about Berlanty beyond his profession. In addition to its height and weight, other measurements are also a factor.

However, just by appearance, we can tell that Greg is tall and his body is slim. Plus, he has dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair.

Personal life and marriage: Who is Greg Berlanti’s husband?

When it comes to personal life, no one is safe in Hollywood. Even the people behind the camera can’t hide. And when you’re one of the most sought-after writers and producers, there’s no need to avoid that.

Check out this post on Instagram

Thanks to the friends and family from our wedding last week who encouraged us and the people who witnessed the occasional weeping but amazing celebration. Thanks to the women and men who made this a legal reality. Thank you, who arrived warmly. Here we are with “Gordon”, the real wedding star and actor from Thomas Train.

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Likewise, many people may know this, but Greg is gay and in fact, he is married to his beloved husband, Robbie Rogers. Yes, Greg is open about his sexuality and tied the knot with his girlfriend, who is also a former LA Galaxy football player.

Greg Berlanti’s husband

Similarly, the pair have been running since mid-2013 and finally became engaged on December 31, 2016. Shortly afterward, they tied the knot on December 2, 2017. So far, the Berlanty couple are having a happy life with their two children, a son born in 2016, and a daughter in 2019. Both of their children were born through surrogacy.

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