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Fasi Zaka was born on 9th October 1974 in Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He is a Pakistani political commentator, columnist, radio talk show host, and television anchor. He is highly skilled in TV & Radio hosting, music criticism, and remarkable satirist, and political columnist. He was born to a Pakhtun family.


9th October 1974



Birth Place

Charsadda, Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa




Political Commentator, Television Anchor, Radio Host

Years Active


Marital Status


Fasi Zaka Career:

He started his career by teaching at the University of Peshawar. He taught at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences).  Zaka also began hosting an off-beat TV program “On the Fringe”. He also scripted this program for Indus Music and moved to prominence in 2004. After that, he took the charge of Head of Ideas and Strategy for an advertising firm.     

Fasi has written for the press as an Opinion-Editorial writer in leading newspapers like The News International and magazines like The Friday Times. He also worked on Radio “The Fasi Zaka and Friends Show” on Pakistan FM Radio One FM 91 which is one of the most listened to shows all over the nation.

Fasi Zaka has also been declared as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for 2012. He has also hosted TV shows on counter culture in Pakistan and satirical news. Fasi Zaka also works in the media in Pakistan.

Do Raaye:

Fasi Zaka returned to television in 2017 with Asad Rahim Khan, as co-anchor of Do Raaye on Dawn News, a primetime current affairs program.

News and Views and Confused:

On 11 April 2007, Zaka started to host a political and social satire show. The show News, Views & Confused which was co-hosted by Nadeem Paracha and Mohsin Sayeed, and received significant attention through The Washington Post and other publications for its programs during the second emergency declared during President Musharraf’s period in 2007. The show ended its run in 2008.

Fasi Zaka Education:

Fasi Zaka received his early education in Peshawar and did a Master’s from the University of Peshawar. Zaka graduated as a Rhodes Scholar.

Fasi Zaka encourages Technical Education:

Fasi Zaka is the famous RJ, anchor, commentator. Fasi said that education is much more important for the young generation. Technical and Vocational education is very much important for our youth, this will only help the students but also help us in the next century. He said that technical education makes your children more technical for their future and they will keep making their future easier. Parents should teach their children this technical education so they can make their future. He said that by technical and Vocational education the students become the future of Pakistan and we can make our country much better.

Fasi Zaka Talks on the relationship between arts and politics:

Fasi Zaka is the famous RJ, anchor. He shares that there is a difference between arts and politics. This has two meanings: what is society, what society looks like. He said art is when the state uses it to control it and to promote it. This will show the art and be more relevant to politics.

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