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Abida Parveen Biography

Abida Parveen is a legendary Muslim Sufi songster of Pakistan. She is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Also, she is an entrepreneur and a painter too.  Abida Parveen is one of the highest reimbursed singers in Pakistan. Her singing and melody reaped many prizes, and she has been anointed as the ‘Queen of Sufi symphony.’

Also known as The living legend of Pakistan Queen of Sufi music
Birthday 20 February 1954
Age 67
Birthplace Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
Genres Sufi, Kafi, Ghazal, Qawwali
Occupation(s) Singer, Musician, Entrepreneur, Composer
Instruments Vocals, Harmonium, Percussions
Years Active 1973 – Present
Labels Coke Studio, PTV, etc.
Gender Female
Husband Ghulam Hussain Sheikh

Abida Parveen Early Life

Abida Parveen was born and lifted in mohalla Ali Goharabad in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. She obtained her musical coaching originally from her father, named Ustad Ghulam Haider, whom she refers to as Baba Sain. He had his musical school. She and her father would often accomplish at tombs of Sufi Saints.

Although he had two sons already, Abida’s talent obliged her father to choose her as his musical successor. She grew up attending her father’s music school, where the school established her core in music. Later, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan also educated and facilitated her. Abida Parveen always remembers that her family never urged her towards this career, and she sang her first kalam thoroughly when she was only three years old.

Career Beginning

Abida Parveen had already initiated performing at Urs and Dargahs in the 1970s. She achieved her first real progress with the Sindhi song Tuhinje zulfan jay. In 1977, she was acquainted as an official musician on Radio Pakistan. Since then, Abida Parveen has heightened to prestige and is now known as one of Pakistan’s outstanding vocalists. She has renovated Sufi music into a new temperament.

In the 1990s, Parveen consented to her spiritual ghazals to Bollywood since her spiritual name, Khan, recorded Bollywood songs. Lately, Abida Parveen also enacted at the grand finale of the Sindh Festival organized by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Thatta.

Abida Parveen had a unique image in the super hit Lollywood movie “Zindagi,” starring Arif Lohar, Sultan Rahi, and Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. The overseeing cast accomplished her famous statement of Sufi Sachal Sarmast ‘Mahi yar di gharoli bhar di.’

She teamed with Shehzad Roy on a song entitled Zindagi, devoted to children’s social problems, it was especially sung for Peshawar attack, in 2007. Also, she performed at the annual Oslo Mela in Norway in the same year. She succeeded at London’s Royal Albert Hall, along with Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, in 2010. Also, she performed at Union Square, in the first Music Festival in New York, in 2010.

In 2010, she was one of the judges in the Indo-Pak venture Sur Kshetra TV Show. Abida also worked together with composer John Tavener in Manchester for incredible writing ‘Mahamatar’ for a Werner Herzog film about expedition. She performed at the Holland Festival in Stopera, Amsterdam, in 2014.

In the Sindh Literature Festival, she did the grand show and did its inauguration by cutting a ribbon and SLF chairperson, in 2016. Also, she performed in Karachi at International Sufi Festival. She worked together with the director of Indian Music duo Salim Suleiman. Her particular song ‘Noor e Illahi’ was released on Eid.

On the eve of the new year, Abida Parveen broadcasted her patriotic song ‘Mulk e Khuda’, promoting Pakistan’s natural territories and geographies. A music video of her ghazal “Ahat Si” was released by her featuring Saima Ajram.

Her rendition constitutes the annual Faiz International Festival at the famous and legend Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s death anniversary.

Abida Parveen Apersonal Life

Abida Parveen tied the knot with Ghulam Hussain Sheikh, who was the seniormost producer at the Radio Pakistan, who had retired from his job to organize and counsel Abida’s pursuit.

Her husband died of a heart attack at an international airport. The partners have two daughters Pereha Ikram and Marium Hussain, and a son Sarang Latif, a music director. All her children act as her advisers. Her family understands her need for riyaz too. 


Abida Parveen has rare clothing apparel, which she has organized herself for comfort. She wears long simple gowns buttoned up to the top blanketed with a coat. She always wears an ajrak, ajrak is a Sindhi dupatta, which she declares arrives from the shrine of Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and her closet is full of it. 

Coke studio

Abida Parveen commenced performing on the internationally praised Pakistani show Coke Studio in 2010. She sang songs, like, “Nigah-e-Darwaishaan”, “Ramooz e Ishq” and “Soz-e-Ishq” in episodes 1 (Reason), 3 (Conception), and 5 (Realization), respectively. Abida Parveen said she adored the program because it contributed to a Dargahi climate.

Abida Parveen was invited in season 7 too, in 2014. She vocalized “Mein Sufi Hoon” with Rais Khan and sang “dost” individually. She also sang “Chaap Tilak” which was the famous Sufi poem by Sufi poet Amir Khusro with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Abida was the part of season 9 too. In the season, her first song was, “Ae Rah Haq K Shaheedo” which was dedicated to the martyrs of the war. Later, she sang a duet with Ali Sethi entitled “Aaqa”, then she sang a song separately, that was “Maula-i-Kull”.

Abida Parveen Awards

  1. The pride of Performance Award was presented to Abida Parveen in 1984, by the President of Pakistan.
  2. She was awarded twice with the Latif Award.
  3. She got Sindh Graduate Association Award.
  4. She was awarded Pakistan Television Award. 
  5. She earned the honor of Sachal Sarmast.
  6. She was awarded Sitara e Imtiaz Award in 2005, by the President Parvez Musharraf.
  7. She was awarded with Hilal e Imtiaz by Asif Ali Zardari.
  8. She got a lifetime Achievement Award at the Kaladharmi Begum Akhtar Academy of Ghazal in India, in 2012.
  9. She was honored at the 16th Pakistan Television Awards Ceremony PTV Award, in 2011.
  10. Abida Parveen was nominated for Best Original Sound Track (OST) for Yaar Ko Hamne Ja Baja Dekha at the 12th Lux Style Awards, in 2012.
  11. She was honored as the Wonder Woman of the Year 2013.
  12. She got1st ARY Film Awards for Best Playback Singer for the film Ishq Khuda, in 2014.
  13. She was awarded the gold Crown on glorious 40 years in the Music Industry by the Sindhi Singers Association in Larkana, in 2014.
  14. She got Ambassador’s Recognition in Dubai, in 2015.
  15. She was paid Tribute at the 17th PTV Awards in ‘Legends’, in 2012.
  16. She was awarded in 3rd Hum Awards for excellence in music, in 2015.
  17. She was awarded in Dhaka International Folk Fest in 2015.
  18. She had been rewarded at the 2nd International Sufi Conference, in 2016 in Karachi by popular politician Sharmila Farooqi.
  19. She was rewarded in the 15th Lux Style Awards for a best female singer, in 2016.
  20. Saima Ajram, a BBC Asian Network representative, illustrated a lifetime accomplishment award to her at her home in 2016.
  21. She was rewarded with PISA Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2020.


Abida Parveen emerged in numerous Indian and Pakistani Music reality shows, including Chhote Ustaad, Pakistan Idol, and India’s STAR Voice. She is among the 500 vastly Influential Muslims of the planet with the strength to induce hysteria in her audience. She is known as the “Global Mystic Sufi Ambassador”. In the previous infrequent years, she has vocalized in a Pepsi commercial with Atif Aslam. Abida Parveen pertains as one of the world’s greatest supernatural singers. 

Abida Parveen is best recognized for singing in a loud and robust voice, particularly, in the song Yaar ko Humne from the album Raqs-e-Bismil and Tere Ishq Nachaya which is a version of Bulleh Shah’s writings. Pakistan’s second-highest civilian award is ‘the Hilal-e-Imtiaz’ has been presented to Abida Parveen by the President of Pakistan, in 2012.

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