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We have introduced the top 10 bikes in the world. These bikes cost even more than most of us’ dream cars. They spend thousands and even millions of dollars just to own the highest quality and most expensive motorcycles ever created. Although the list below contains motorcycles that are out of reach for most of us, it won’t hurt to know which the most expensive motorcycles in the world are.

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Price $13999
Year 2017-2020
Seat height 27.8 inch
Engine volume 999.8 cc
Acceleration 112.654km/h 3.65
Maximum speed 305.775
Weight 170kg
Model GSX

For a long time, Suzuki did not occupy the top positions among the models with a liter engine displacement. The GSX-R1000R has an outstanding legacy and the 2005 K5 is somewhat of a legend (it has won various prizes in the rankings), but the race to become the superbike championship has been very intense in recent years.

The latest model set a new benchmark for quality – with variable valve timing and low roar – climbed to the very top of the rankings. At the moment, this is the model that we would pick from all the mainstream superbike models.


Price $16399 (ZX-10R, no ABS)
$17399 (ZX-10R ABS)
Year 2003-2018
Seat height 32.9 inch
Engine volume 998 cc
Acceleration 96.5/h 3.1 sec
Maximum speed 289.682 km/h
Weight 456 pounds
Model ZX-10R

The manufacturer has brought the ZX-10R to perfection and deservedly reaps its laurels. In 2016, some improvements were added to the model, and the release of the homologation (certified for racing) model also adds improvements not in general, but in racing performance.


Price $39900
Year 2015
Seat height 32.48 inch
Engine volume 1285cc
Acceleration 97km/h 3.3 sec
Maximum speed 281.635 km/h
Weight 166 KG
Model Ducati 1299 panigale

Ducati will launch sales of the all-new V4 superbike next year. This means that if you want a super modern,   with less than four cylinders, you better buy the Panigale the sooner the bette .

Let’s face it, the manufacturer hasn’t made many mistakes over the past few years, and Panigale – despite its somewhat radical appearance, has proven its reliability and excellent equipment in terms of electronics. This model may well remain the more powerful of the two-cylinder for many years to come.


Price $1400
Year 2020 new model released
Seat height 32.44 inc
Engine volume 999 cc
Acceleration 97km/h 2.97 sec
Maximum speed 299 km/h
Model BMW s1000 rr
Weight 204 kg

Eight years have passed since BMW entered the motorcycle market with the S1000RR and constantly updated its lineup – which means that buyers are voting with money for this manufacturer. Another model with the most advanced electronics and incredibly powerful engine, it offers a sense of peace like a Honda – there is no doubt that this is the reason for its enormous success.

You may love or despise this “sloping” look, and it can be just as compelling a reason why motorcycle enthusiasts choose this or that model.


Price $24495 msrp
Year 2020
Seat height 33.1 inc
Engine volume 999 cc
Acceleration 100km/h 3 sec
Maximum speed 297.729 km/h
Weight 180.076 kg

The RSV4 is without a doubt an amazing bike. The 2016 model of RSV4 equipped with a 999cc V4 engine was unveiled at EICMA 2015. On the exterior side, the shape of the front cowl has been changed to improve wind protection performance. In addition, the mirror has been changed to a shape that pursues more aerodynamic performance, and the blinker has newly adopted LEDs. The headlights have also been redesigned accordingly.

Various changes such as changing the shape of the variable air intake, two throttle bodies in each bank (two for the conventional engine), titanium valve, new shape exhaust system, new shape camshaft, etc. The engine received a power-up of 16PS (home country specification) from the conventional model, and the only V4 engine of the current mass-produced model has achieved 201PS. The weight of the car body has also been reduced, and it is 2.5 kg lighter than the conventional model.


Price $16699 msrp
Year 2015
Seat height 33.66 inc
Engine volume 998 cc
Acceleration 64.37km/h 2.04 sec
Maximum speed 284.37108
Model Yamaha r1
Weight 200 kg

When YAMAHA launched its last R1 in 2015, it gave the superbike market the boost it needed. High-tech hardware plus eye-catching design – this model raises the bar, showing Japanese competitors that they will have to pull up their level. It is for this reason that R1 was unable to climb higher in our ranking. The more expensive R1M is still your best bet if you have the budget, although the limited edition and hefty price tag means it won’t be easy to get your hands on.


Price $ 9658.44
Year 2020
Seat height 32.6 inc
Engine volume 998 cc
Acceleration 97km/h 2.8 sec
Maximum speed 299 km/h
Weight 201 kg

CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, the wait is finally over. Making its debut in a few weeks, the new Fireblade, particularly admired at the last EICMA – Milan Motorcycle Show, characterized by the “triple R” that already from the name suggests what its goal is, is proposed as a concentrate of technology to “high speed”. Since its first introduction in 1992, Honda’s iconic Fireblade has always evolved to remain a reference among super sports cars.

Used by teams all over the world as a basic model for making competitive racing versions, it has also thrived in Endurance and road racing such as the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. The new Fireblade is a “BornToRace” superbike. Every detail confirms it. Extremely powerful – 217.5 hp at 14,500 rpm – the CBR1000RR-R was designed and engineered in collaboration with HRC, whose engineers have marked 100% of the technical choices for engine, chassis, suspension, and aerodynamics for maximum performance on the circuit.


Price $26498
Year 2005
Seat height 32.4803 inc
Engine volume 1000 cc
Acceleration 97km/h 3.5 sec
Maximum speed 312 km/h
Model MV AGUSTA F4 1000
Weight 190 kg

The MV F4 may be a somewhat dated model these days, and rumors of a replacement have been circulating for a few years now, but it remains a worthy choice. What you lose in engine power by ditching third-party models is gaining in style – this model is designed exclusively for styling customers. Despite its age, the F4 still looks its best. It is not too far behind in terms of electronics and power compared to the aforementioned 195hp. Even the price tag – a sticking point for many MVs – is no problem here, the base price of $26498 is not much higher than its Japanese competitors.


Price $15395
Year 2016
Seat height 32.7 inches
Engine volume 955 cc
Acceleration 97km/h 2.8 sec
Maximum speed 295km/h
Model Ducati 959 panigale
Weight 200 kg

Ducati 959 Panigale, or how to transform the “Panigalina” into something that is very close to a maxi sports car. Once there was the 748, which was later evolved into the 749. Then, after the farewell to the Supersport world championship (reserved for the 750 cm3 twin-cylinder) Ducati presented the 849, later evolved into the 899. Today the “small” Ducati sports car is called 959 and is equipped with a 955 cm3 twin-cylinder, the first of the Superquadro family to be Euro 4 approved and for this reason equipped with two striking side silencers.

SAME BORE, LONGER STROKE – The new engine, which promises 157 HP at 10,500 rpm (the 899 delivers 148 HP) and with a torque of 107.4 Nm at 9000 rpm (the 899 delivers 99 Nm), has a higher displacement thanks to the increased stroke, which went from 57.2 to 60.8 mm. Unchanged the bore, remained at 100 mm. This modification made it necessary to introduce a brand-new crankshaft, characterized by a more efficient crankshaft lubrication system. Finally, the clutch with an anti-hopping system was also introduced on the 959.


Price $12,499
Year 2019
Seat height 31.9 inc
Engine volume 755 cc
Acceleration 100km/h 4 sec
Maximum speed 306 km/h
Weight 190 kg

Suzuki GSX 750 is a family of 750 cc sporting motorcycles from Suzuki’s GSX-R series of motorcycles. Resembling a Suzuki Endurance racing motorcycle, it can be considered the first modern and economical racing replica suitable for road use. It was presented at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1984. The 2011 model is approximately 9 kilograms (20 pounds) lighter than the previous year’s model.

It has a “rear torque limiting” clutch that allows you to downshift. The engine power produced by the rear wheel is 127.9 hp (95.4 kW) at 12,600 rpm. Rear-wheel torque is 55.7 lb-ft (75.5 Nm) at 11,100 rpm. Wet weight is 194 kg. In August 2019, Suzuki announced the 2020 GSX-R750, mentioning the color options but no other changes.

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