Launch Togg Electric Car in Pakistan 2023

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Pakistani Togg Electric Car 2023

Togg, a Turkish carmaker, is making its debut in the field of electric vehicles with the launch of its newest product, the Togg Electric Car. This marks a significant turning point for Turkey, which was once reliant on automobile manufacturers from other countries. The unveiling of the Togg Electric Car, which is intended to be kind to the environment, has stoked the flames of market competitiveness. In the not-too-distant future, the business also intends to launch the production of an electric vehicle.

Launch in 2023:

The Togg Electric Car’s launch date hasn’t been formally confirmed yet. However, it is anticipated to debut shortly as Turkey’s first automobile. The vehicle is a premium alternative because to its outward style, which is reminiscent of MG and Audi.

In less than 30 minutes, the Togg Electric Car can be charged up to 80% using rapid charging technology.



The well-designed and Porsche-like exterior of the Togg Electric Car thrill auto fans. It comes in a variety of appealing hues and is designed with a front grille and alloy rims that are inspired by the tulip flower.


The Togg Electric Car has a roomy seating capacity and is well-equipped with user-friendly technologies. A safe and comfortable ride is provided by the plush seats.


The following features are included with Togg Electric Car:

  • Electric Windows and Mirrors
  • Pilot for Slow Traffic with Power Steering Specifications

Specifications for Togg Electric Cars include:

  • Rapid-charging technology
  • Battery choices of 300 & 500 km
  • Choices for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive
  • 200 horsepower for the rear wheels and 400 horsepower for the all wheels.

Togg Electric Car is a big entry into the Pakistani market for electric vehicles, to sum up. It is a standout choice because to its eco-friendly design, rapid charging time, and well-designed exterior and interior. Once the firm makes an official announcement, the Togg Electric Car’s official pricing and launch date in Pakistan for 2023 will be updated.

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