Driving License Fee in Punjab Skyrockets by 2600%

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Driving License Fee in Punjab Skyrockets by 2600%

In a recent and unexpected move, the Punjab government has significantly raised the fees for driving licenses, causing widespread concern and financial strain among motorists. As of January 17, 2023, new fee structures have been introduced, marking an astronomical increase in some categories by as much as 2600%. This article delves into the details of these changes and explores the reactions and implications for drivers in Punjab.

The Astonishing Fee Hike


The fee hike in Punjab has left many motorists in a state of shock. Previously considered manageable, the costs associated with obtaining or renewing a driving license have now soared to unprecedented levels.

Driving Licence New Fee Structure

Here’s a breakdown of the new fee schedule:

Vehicle Category Old Fee (for 5 years) New Fee (for 5 years) Percentage Increase
Motorcycles Rs. 60 Rs. 4900 791%
Cars & Jeeps Rs. 550 Rs. 11400 1100%
Light Transport Rs. 550 Rs. 12400 1205%
Heavy Transport Rs. 950 Rs. 12400 2656%
Tractors Rs. 450 Rs. 9900 2100%

Government Justification

The government defends these increases as necessary steps for infrastructure development and enhancing road safety. However, the impact on the average citizen is a significant concern.

Legal Challenge in Lahore High Court

The Petition

A week after the announcement, Rana Ali Hasnain, a local citizen, filed a petition in the Lahore High Court challenging the fee hike. He has named the Punjab government, Inspector General Punjab, and other officials as respondents.

Objectives of the Petition

Hasnain’s petition demands the retraction of the new fee notification and a return to the previous rates. The case is set to bring the issue before the provincial apex court, highlighting the public’s distress over this sudden financial burden.


Public Response

The drastic increase in driving license fees in Punjab has stirred a debate among citizens, many of whom view it as an unfair financial burden. The legal challenge in the Lahore High Court indicates the extent of public discontent.

Your Opinion

What are your thoughts on this new driving license fee structure in Punjab? Do you think the increase is justified, or does it unfairly burden the average citizen? Share your views in the comments section below.

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