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weathering with you full movie in hindi download free

Weathering with You is a Japanese animated fantasy film released in 2019, directed by Makoto Shinkai, who is also known for his work on Your Name and Suzume. The film, also known as “Tenki no Ko” in Japanese, weaves a captivating tale of romance and weather-bound miracles in the heart of Tokyo.

Key Information About the Movie Weathering with You

Attribute Details
Title Weathering with You
Japanese Title 天気の子 (Tenki no Ko)
Release Date July 19, 2019 (Japan)
Director Makoto Shinkai
Producer Genki Kawamura
Writer Makoto Shinkai
Music by Radwimps
Studio CoMix Wave Films
Distribution Toho
Genre Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Runtime 112 minutes
Language Japanese, English, Hindi
Country Japan


Weathering with You is a visually stunning and emotionally rich film directed by Makoto Shinkai, following the story of a young boy named Hodaka who runs away from his rural home to Tokyo. Upon his arrival, he finds the city perpetually shrouded in rain and gloom. Struggling to find his place in this daunting metropolis, Hodaka eventually finds work as a writer for an occult magazine. It’s during one of his assignments that he encounters Hina, a bright and strong-willed girl with the extraordinary ability to manipulate the weather, clearing the sky and bringing out the sun with a simple prayer.

As Hodaka and Hina grow closer, they decide to use her unique power to help people in Tokyo, offering moments of sunshine in the city’s never-ending rain. Their business blooms, but so does their bond, evolving into a deep connection rooted in their shared experiences and struggles. However, they soon discover that Hina’s powers come with a significant cost, threatening her well-being and the natural balance of the world. The revelation sets them on a poignant journey of self-discovery, sacrifice, and the exploration of what it means to protect the ones we love.

The narrative weaves a tale that transcends the boundaries of ordinary life, delving into themes of climate change, love, and the sacrifices we make for happiness. Weathering with You is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of environmental and personal turmoil, leaving audiences with a lingering sense of hope and the reminder of the beauty that exists in the world, even amidst the storm.


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