The striking beauty of Lake Hillier, Pink Lake of Australia

The striking beauty of Lake Hillier

Located on Middle Island, the largest island of the La Recherche archipelago, in Australia, Lake Hillier surprises with its pink color. This, in contrast to the green mountains of the lush forest that surrounds it, along with the white sand and the crystalline blue “of the sea that embraces them”, -as the song says- make it a place of surprising beauty.

It is believed that the island was discovered in the Flinders expedition, back in 1802 and the lake, hidden from the naked eye, was not sighted until the highest peak was reached.

The reason for an unusual "pink" lake

Regarding its special and characteristic pink color, for decades no one could explain the cause of its bubblegum color, but according to the latest research, it is known that the culprit is "Dunaliella salina", a long algae that produces certain pigment compounds, that allow the plant to absorb sunlight. And next to it, the confluence of several species of archaea and certain types of bacteria are responsible for this striking pink color of its waters.

However, despite its unusual color, it appears that the lake has no known adverse effects on humans, it is not toxic if ingested. What is curious is that, seen from the air, it looks like a thick, matte bubblegum pink shade, however, when standing in the water, it turns light pink and transparent.

Extraordinary place... another little paradise on earth of captivating and surprising beauty that is worth seeing from its shore... but above all from the air...

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