Survived Pilot Told What He Experienced in the Bermuda Triangle

And here is a new explanation of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Even though this region is no more dangerous than any other similar area of ​​the ocean, the legend lives on. This time, an oceanographer blames the rogue waves, those poorly explained walls of water that actually sank ships and damaged oil platforms.
The Atlantic Ocean forming a triangle between the Bermuda Islands, the tip of Florida and the island of Puerto Rico. Since the 1960s, the " Bermuda Triangle Mystery " has been part of the conversation, selling books and newspaper articles, and ensuring the success of shows.television and attracts Internet users to videos or to illuminated people. With each new hypothesis, it is fashionable to say that "the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is (or perhaps is) solved". So we too will say that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may be solved after the designation of a new suspect.
Accused by Simon Boxall, the indicted is not extraterrestrial and did not commit his crimes with a weapon made thanks to an unknown physique. The particular meteorology of the region would generate a high number of rogue waves, explains the scientist. These " water walls ", as they are often described, meeting in the open sea, can reach 30 meters. To put it simply, these are steep waves and much taller than any other, within the seemingly normal surface motion. Their dimensions make them capable of destroying or capsizing large ships.

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