Supreme Court of Pakistan Orders Full Audit of K Electric

The Supreme Court has expressed strong anger over the bogus power system in Karachi. The Chief Justice remarked that there should be no power outage even for a minute. He reprimanded CEO Electric. Justice Gulzar said, "Don't make a speech. People are dying due to electric shock. If anyone dies due to electric shock, a case will be registered against senior officials including CEO Electric."

The Supreme Court also ordered the inclusion of Monis Alvi's name in the ECL. The court also asked the Attorney General for an alternative to K Electric. The issue of deaths due to the power crisis and electrocution in Karachi was heard in the Supreme Court Karachi Registry. Appearing in the electric court of the CEO, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court rebuked him and said, "Don't make a speech, people are dying due to electric shock."

The Chief Justice remarked that they take the restraining order from the courts by taking the lives of the people, you are a defaulter all over the world, remove the earth wire from all over Karachi, when it came on Friday, it was dark on Shara Faisal, people were sitting outside.

Addressing the Attorney General, he said that the name of CEO Electric should be included in the ECL, if the power supply to Karachi is cut off, then turn it off. Justice Gulzar Ahmed also asked for an alternative to revoking the license of K Electric. He remarked that a monopoly will not be allowed on Karachi, there should be other companies as well, their lobby will be running in the government, they will not go to court.

The Chief Justice remarked that due to Karuna, the market and business were all closed, and still the electricity was going on. I used to get messages. Addressing the CEO, he said that you were not brought for load shedding. The Supreme Court ordered a full audit of K Electric and directed NEPRA to fully monitor K Electric.

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