To deal with the Corona epidemic The world is asking to learn from Pakistan

Mirpur Khas, Sanghar (Correspondent, Agencies) President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that protection of public rights and proper distribution of resources is the responsibility of the state. Aid will continue to be provided to the rain and flood victims, no part of Sindh is unclaimed, aid will be provided to the citizens all over Sindh, PPP and the federal government to provide aid to the citizens in Sindh.

If we work together, the situation will improve. Addressing a function to distribute relief items to flood and flood-affected people in Jam Nawaz Ali Tehsil of Sanghar on Saturday, the President said that economies were destroyed when the coronavirus spread, people lost their jobs, what happened in eastern Pakistan. In front of everyone, the government in India locked down and told people to go to their homes, the Indian government told people we have no worries about how they get to their homes and areas, meanwhile, women gave birth on the streets.

This policy was not valid. The President said that the people elected by the people of Pakistan had formulated policies which did not lead to high unemployment in the plague, industries continued to operate in Pakistan. Taraweeh continued in mosques in Pakistan during Ramadan, although Taraweeh did not take place in the entire Islamic world. Without the intervention of the army and police, the citizens played their role in the precautionary measures, which resulted in the help of Allah. Rains caused damage in Karachi and Sindh.

Voices were raised from every part of Sindh that their problems were not being heard. Since the media is mostly citizen, more attention was paid to Karachi. It was also said that Karachi is orphaned and destitute. The President said that no part of Sindh was inherited and the whole of Sindh would be taken care of. The Prime Minister also said that all issues would be resolved through partnership. The President said that relief to the flood and flood victims would continue, no part of Sindh was left destitute, aid would be provided to the citizens all over Sindh.

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