Motorway abuse case: The real culprits have been identified

The DNA of one accused has been matched in the case of rape of a woman on the motorway while the other accused has also been identified. Punjab Police has traced the two accused involved in the case of rape of a motorway. After confirming the DNA match of Abid Ali son of Akbar Ali, the other accused has also been identified. The other accused has been identified as Waqarul Hassan Shah. The accused is a resident of Qila Sattar Shah area of ​​Sheikhupura.

Earlier, a person's profile was confirmed to be a DNA match. The accused was identified as Abid Ali son of Akbar Ali and was identified as a habitual offender from Fort Abbas, Bahawalnagar.

Samples of the abused woman matched the records of the accused already in the criminals' database. Abid Ali's record has been in the criminal database since 2013. Abid is a notorious criminal and there is a record of his incidents. The accused is 27 years old and the date of birth is May 22, 1993. The Anti-Terrorism Department (ATD) is conducting raids to arrest Abid Ali, but he is still at large.

Abid Ali also broke into a house in Fort Abbas in 2013 with four accomplices and gang-raped his mother and daughter at gunpoint, a case was registered in Fort Abbas.

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