Appearance of Maryam Nawaz in Nab, Pmln Workers Rioting and Vandalism Outside Nab Office

On the occasion of Maryam Nawaz's appearance, there was a battlefield outside the NAB Lahore office. According to details, a clash erupted outside the NAB office when PML-N workers tried to enter with their leader Maryam Nawaz. Anti-Ride Force personnel there tried to disperse them.

A large number of workers outside the NAB office became enraged and started throwing stones at the policemen. In response, police fired tear gas shells at the N-League workers, charging them with sticks.

The clash between the police and the League workers lasted for about an hour. Dozens of workers, including PML-N leaders, were injured in the stone-pelting and were rushed to a hospital for immediate medical treatment. Due to the tense situation, PML-N's female leader Maryam Nawaz returned without appearing.

It should be noted that NAB Lahore had summoned Maryam Nawaz for an inquiry into the purchase of 200 acres of land in Jati Amra. Before the clash, Maryam Nawaz led a large convoy of workers from Jatiya Amira outside the NAB office. A large number of N-League workers who were already there greeted Maryam Nawaz and laid flowers on her car.

NAB Lahore has started considering the recall of Maryam Nawaz after the cancellation of her appearance. It is likely that a notice to recall her will be issued next week.

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