Faisalabad mai Traffic Police nay E-Payment saholat mutarif karadi

Police in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, has set up an FM radio station to solve traffic problems and raise awareness among citizens about traffic rules.

The staff for the FM radio, which was started under the supervision of the traffic police, consists of new traffic wardens who were recruited to control the traffic two years ago.

According to the traffic police, programs are being prepared in three different languages ​​for the radio under the name of Rasta FM 88.8. Sixty-five percent of the programs are broadcast in Urdu, thirty percent in Punjabi, and five percent in English.

In order to control the increasing traffic in Lahore city, where the roads were widened and underpasses were constructed, a system of traffic wardens was introduced in the city two years ago to manage the chaotic traffic. Under this new system, the minimum wage for boys and girls recruited as wardens is graduation.

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