Holy cover changing ceremony of kabbah

Every Muslim who has the privilege of visiting the Ka'bah wishes to visit the House of Allah with special attention and devotion. According to the annual tradition, the shroud of the kabbah was changed on Saturday after the Fajr prayers on the day of Arafa.

The work of changing the shroud of the Kabah began before the Fajr prayers and continued for several hours.

 According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the change of the shroud of the kabbah was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the head of the administration of the two holy shrines. The entire process of changing the shroud of the kabbah was seen live on the website of the Haramain administration.

The new cover uses 670kg of pure silk, 120kg of pure gold and 100kg of silver thread. Quranic verses are embroidered with gold threads. Silk is imported exclusively from Italy, while gold and silver-plated yarns are imported from Germany. The shroud of the kabbah costs more than 22 million riyals.

The new shroud of the Kabah consists of four equal stripes and a satar al-bab. The strips around the Kabah are prepared separately. During the transformation process, one side is removed first. It is replaced with a new cover. Then the second, third and fourth part is taken off and a new cover is put in the same order.

 Al-Hatim first opens the shroud of the Kabah and a new shroud is put in its place. The shroud of the Kabah is spread from top to bottom.

 Five candles with the words "Allahu Akbar" are placed on the outer curtain of the Kabah above the Black Stone. In the last stage, the curtain of the door of the Kabah is changed.

The factory set up to make the shroud of the kabbah employs 200 specialists and administrators. All of them are from Saudi Arabia and they are experts and highly trained in their field. A cover is completed in 8 months. It begins with the sewing of a cloth and ends with the waving of it on the Kabah.

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