Electricity Bill Also Increasing Up With Load Shedding in Karachi

Pakistan's economic hub Karachi is not a small town or district but a megacity, which has a prominent position in the list of major cities in the world, this is the city that the self-founded Pakistani Quaid-e-Azam liked that is why the city was called Quaid This is the city that earns the whole of Pakistan but its plight itself is not hidden from anyone, instead of making this city ideal, some institutions are working diligently to destroy and ruin this city.

Among them are the top electricians against whose tyranny the citizens of Karachi have no grievances. Even now no one in Karachi is safe from the oppression of the electricians of the area and this situation is becoming more and more serious day by day. Citizens are facing great difficulties. K-Electric seems to be a complete failure in supplying electricity to the citizens, it is a highly profitable company that is always reluctant to provide electricity to the people despite pulling the skin.

At present, due to the global epidemic of coronavirus (code 19), the situation of coronavirus cases in Karachi is very serious and lockdown is still going on, people are at home. Most of the people in Karachi live in flats and small houses. Even in the worst heatwave like heatwave and heatstroke, K Electric has no mercy on the people and due to unannounced and relentless power outages, women, children, and Due to the lockdown, it has become difficult for the elderly to be confined to their homes.

During the current Corona epidemic, students studying online are also facing severe difficulties but both the federal and Sindh governments are constantly helpless in the face of electricity. Are visible Due to the power outage, this series of online education and teaching has been stopped in all parts of Karachi. It is feared that the students' academic year will not be wasted due to the power outage.

The place is intact but despite the lack of electricity, over-billing has been imposed on the people by JK Electric, load shedding and over-billing have become a nightmare for the people who are harassing the people from both sides. ۔

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