As Soon as the Tourist Spots Opened, Murree Was Filled With Tourists

Fed up with the long lockdown in Corona, citizens are turning to Murree and other tourist destinations as tourist destinations open. Tourists and traders visiting Murree are very happy with the opening of tourism in the country.

After the government's decision to open tourist spots, the youths picked up for a walk and headed for Sangrila Park in Murree. Tourist places with beautiful weather, lush mountains, blue skies, and cool rivers.

It was too late for the government to open the tourist spots and the tourists immediately made a program of sightseeing and entertainment.

On the first day itself, a large number of youths and families reached Sangrila Park in the embrace of Murree. The youths sat by the cool river bank and decorated the party.

While the beautiful scenery is heartwarming, the youth took full advantage of the opportunity, seemed to enjoy bathing in the cold water, and even brought food and drink arrangements with them. Sitting by the river, burning coals on the fire, and enjoying a barbecue, also saved moments from selfies.

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