Why should we watch Turkish Drama Ertugrul?

Why should we watch Turkish Drama Ertugrul?

ARY Digital Thank you too. You taught us through the drama that it is okay for a woman to have an illicit affair with another man even though she is married. Children can have their teachers set up with their fathers. Thank you very much. Taught the nation very good things.

Young men of my nation, what a drama it was From which you will know that Islam came to us after many sacrifices. How many young men were pierced with a hot iron on their bodies? 

Watch the drama so that you will know how many mothers who have followed the path of Allah Almighty in their youth of fifteen or twenty years. How many children sacrificed could not see the face of their father.

 The young men of the oppressive nation What do you know What is love. What do you understand What love is called You are being misguided Survive This media is misleading you from the right path Is.
May Allah help us to walk on His path. Ameen


Dirilis ertugrul Ertugrul

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