TV ONE Drama Mera Maan Rakhna - Storyline, Timing, Cast, OST

TV ONE Drama Mera Maan Rakhna - Storyline, Timing, Cast, OST

The storyline of drama serial ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

"Mera Maan Rakhna" is an emotional family drama so that it will pull at your heartstrings. The story of a girl who's blamed for tarnishing the family call. Now the identical destiny awaits her daughter. Momina and Sajjad eloped due to the fact their households opposed their marriage.

But while Sajjad forgives through his mom Farida. Momina categorizes as a wayward girl who has delivered a bad call to the family. Now Momina's pretty daughter Muqaddus desires to marry her loved Mohid. But her mom's popularity threatens this match.

Drama Timing

An emotional family drama that will pull your heartstrings is ready to start on TV ONE on every Wednesday. Starring Sania Saeed, Aly Khan & Wahaj Ali in lead roles. Mera Maan Rakhna” is an RC film & television one. Which production penned down through Ghazala Aziz and directed through Shahid Zahoor.

The cast of drama serial

  • Sania Saeed
  • Aly Khan
  • Wahaj Ali
  • Maryam Fatima
  • Farhan Agha
  • Tara Mahmood
  • Haris Waheed
  • Sukynah
  • Saad Qureshi
  • Sangeeta
  • Jia Ali
  • Mojiz

Drama OST

Wahaj as Muhid in ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

Smart, good-looking younger man. Educated and broadminded, Mohid is essentially a glad move luckiest person. His worrying nature sees in deep love.  He is taking a stand for her towards his parents while they do not want to advise her.

Sukynah as Amal in ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

Confident younger, Friendly and active girl, however, speaks her thoughts while challenged. She is Innocent and kind-hearted. She stands up for her cousins Muqaddus and Asad, while they're unjustly accusing.

But even though she loves Asad. She submits to her mother's choice of selecting Faris as her existence partner.

Sania Saeed as Momina in ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

Mature, kind-hearted woman. A devoted wife and loving mom to Muqaddus and Asad. Momina’s gentle, patient manner is what has made her live on in the opposed environment of her susral. But her internal power found out while her children’s happiness threatened.

Maryam Fatima as Muqaddus in ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

Pretty college student Muqaddus is an obedient, candy natured girl. She has a good outlook on existence, but she is aware of her family’s values and name. Although she desires to marry Mohid. She is willing to sacrifice her very own happiness if her parents are against this match.

Saad Qureshi as Asad in ”Mera Maan Rakhna”

Asad’s excellent appearance and fascinating looks have attracted Amal’s heart. Despite living in an opposed environment, Asad is respectful to his elders. He keeps cheerful, a laugh loving attitude. He could be very protecting of Muqaduss. He helps his sister towards everyone who plans to damage her.

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Mera maan rakhna Tv one drama

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