The Complete Story, Cast and Review of Drama Serial Ehd E Wafa

The Complete Story, Cast and Review of Drama Serial Ehd E Wafa

Posted on Feb 19, 2020

The cast of Drama Ehd e Wafa:

Ahad Raza Mir as a Saad Inam
Osman Khalid Butt as a Malik Shahzain
Ahmed Ali Akbar as a Shehryar
Wahaj Ali as a Shariq Haseeb
Alizeh Shah as a Captain Dr Duaa Saad
Zara Noor Abbas as a Rani Shahzain Malik
Written by: Mustafa Afridi

A Pakistani drama serial who create a ruck nowadays fabricate by ISPR telecasted on HUM TV and PTV Home on every Sunday night at 8:00 p. m. It started on 22 September 2019 on PTV Home and HUM TV.  It comprises of four college friends with contrasting ambitions, objective and aim.  These television series consist of Friendship, Comedy, Drama and Emotions written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Saif Hassan. Its performer Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, Alizeh Shah and Zara Noor Abbas in leading roles.

The Story of the Drama Ehd E Wafa

This drama story based on a group of fun-loving friends who support, succour and enjoy with each other in their college life and help each other in hardships, challenges and perfidy. That friendship bonding shows the real example in this era of double-faced persons. But the twist starts with their role in this drama serial after the second episode of this television series.

The SSG (Special Gang) group of Saad, Shariq, Shahzain and Shehryar are students of intermediate at Prestigious Lawrence College in Ghora Gali of Muree. Saad belongs to an army family, whose father is Brigadier Faraz Inam, with his mother and sister (an artist). Shariq has the only sister in this serial, who works in a hospital to pay his studies dues and fulfil the home expense of her widowed mother. Shahzain belongs to a rich family from a village and he is very close to his grandfather Malik Allahyar, force him to leave his study and join him in his village life. Shehryar is the son of bandmaster who lives in Rawalpindi.

These four friends mostly bunk in the night from the hostel and their hostel warden, Firdous Baig, never miss a chance to catch them and to punish them. Dua and Rani play their role on other hands in EHD E WAFA. An effervescent girl Rani belongs from a village family, in her three years of intermediate trying to pass her exams, eventually doesn’t. And Dua from Rawalpindi and visiting her Taya Abu’s family (cousins Aisha and Raheel) in Muree. Where she met with Saad accidentally, when these four friends bunk their college. Saad stuck while in a moment with Dua because Saad has a big crush on her and seen her twice before. Saad never told her before that he like her but Shahzain force him to go and say. This episode creates more interest for the viewers to wait eagerly for the next episode of EHD-E-WAFA.

 On the next day, they bunk their college to meet Dua and tell her about Saad, but when they saw her and start to tell her about Saad, her cousin Raheel see all this and pushes Saad and start fighting. After that Saad and Raheel got into custody. Dua’s family complaint about Saad and the real thrill of this drama serial starts from here. This flaw breaks their friendship and because of college warning, all four friends go back to their homes and met again after a month for final exams but that rift in them break their belief in each other. After their intermediate, they start the next job in different cities. Saad chooses PMA for his future and here he met Gulzar Khan and become friends. On other hands, Shahzain marries with Rani and Shariq got a job as an anchor. 

From the first episode to 22 episodes, this drama serial hits its highest viewers all over Pakistan and make remarks in other countries too.  All over, reviews for this drama serial EHD-E-WAFA delivered positive aspects and enjoyable relationships from various perspectives.



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