HUM TV Drama Pyar k Sadqay Full Story, full Cast, Timing, OST, Teaser and Reviews

HUM TV Drama Pyar k Sadqay Full Story, full Cast, Timing, OST, Teaser and Reviews

Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Producer:            Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

Director:             Farooq Rind

Writer:                Zanjabeel Asim Shah

The Full Cast of Drama Pyar k Sadqay

·        Bilal Abbas Khan

·        Yumna Zaidi

·        Atiqa Odho

·        Omair Rana

·        Yashma Gill

·        Khalid Anum

·        Gul e Rana

·        Khalid Malik

·        Sharmeen Khan

·        Shra Asghar

·        Danish Aqeel

·        Ashan Mohsin

Story of Drama Pyar k Sadqay

Pyar k Sadqay premiered on January 2020 at HUM TV, cast by key feature role of Bilal Abbas Khan, Yumna Zaidi, and Yashma Gill. This drama story is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Farooq Rind under the production of Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions. A cute love story of two pure characters as Mehjabeen and Abdullah, we saw in this serial. After playing a negative role in Cheekh, Bilal Abbas Khan now on screen as an innocent person, who topped in his university in mathematics. His character in this serial is very discerning with the tremendous saccharine of an endearing boy.

MD productions give a perfect mix of love, comedy, and romance with compact play in Pyar k Sadqay, which grabs every teenager and as well oldies attention towards its. Yumna Zaidi playing the role of a candied girl, who again failed in her exams, while dreaming of topped in her class. Her famous dialogue from this drama Pyar k Sadqay that “Ammaa fail honey walon ko b izzat chahiye hoti hay” gets more likes and followers so as to near her. After getting a proposal from a doctor, she feeling relief from her study and eagerly excited for her marriage that, now no more study as well she suggested to Abdullah for this, but as his character is totally virtuous, so he refused to do this with a volume up dialogue “Mai Tu Boy Hon”.

A story of teenage love birds with their cuteness in this serial captured every viewer's attention on it. But there’s little bit drama in this serial, add some spices in the storyline by Abdullah’s phopoo and her chahchi. Like Mahjabeen got a proposal from a greedy doctor, who demands dowry but Mahjabeen’s father refused to him, make a sense in positive aspects in our society.

To play the kind role is a very big challenge for every character, but Bilal Abbas played it very well with Yumna Zaidi. Delightful dialogues with satisfying acting make this drama very super hit in a short time, with a high rating and most viewing the drama of HUM TV in novella set up.

Every teaser of this drama gets more excitement for its audience to wait for the next episode with avid suspense and elation too. Some sweetness is obligatory for everybody in this brutal epoch time.

So, let’s see what will happen next with some new attractiveness in the storyline. I hope for good in this drama with no typical dramatic art.

Pyar k Sadqay Ost


Pyar k Sadqay Teaser 


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