New Pakistan Drama "Doar" | Doar Drama Story, Cast, Review, and Timing

New Pakistan Drama "Doar" | Doar Drama Story, Cast, Review, and Timing

Posted on Apr 13, 2021

Popular actresses of Pakistani dramas Sania Saeed and Hina Altaf will be seen together on the small screen in the drama "Doar". The drama was announced by screenwriter Sajid Gul while sharing a photo on Instagram, a photo and video sharing app.

Sajid Gul said that his new drama 'Doar' will be aired soon but he did not announce any final date for the drama. In the photo shared by him, there is Sania Saeed, the actress of Marble Drama, who is seen controlling 2 puppets, actor Ali Abbas and Hina Altaf. The three actors in the photo are shown dressed in black, which makes the scene even more intriguing.

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Regarding the drama, Sajjad Gul told that Azfar Rehman, the actor of 'Saaz-e-Ishq' is also acting in 'Doar'. He also hinted that Azfar Rehman and Sania Saeed may be rivals in the drama. In addition, the photo shared by Sajjad Gul shows that the story of 'Doar' reveals a dark side.

Doar Drama Story

Sajjad Gul said of the story, "When a person finds himself in danger and hides in a corner, his survival is in question, he takes revenge on others." He said that the philosophy of this drama is that sometimes in one's life, if a person does not become a tyrant, then injustice is done to him. The play shows that if one fails to take responsibility for one's own story or life, one becomes a puppet in someone else's play.

Doar Drama Cast

  1. Sania Saeed
  2. Hina Altaf
  3. Azfar Rehman
  4. Effat Rahim
  5. Nayyar Ijaz
  6. Saleem Meraj will also act in 'Doar'.

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