New Drama Of Usman Mukhtar Anaa

New Drama Of Usman Mukhtar Anaa

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

The team of has great news for its viewers and of course Usman Mukhtar a rising heart-throb of the nation after some of his impressive achievements.

when we saw Usman Mukhtar in his debut performance was just a bit in the film Janaan in which he had a minor role not having much of  impression but then again, we saw him again in the hit movie Parchi playing a super cool and calm character his impressive skills definitely grabbed the eyes of the directors as later he was offered the uber complex Altamash in show Anaa which has made us just as numerous young ladies an aficionado of his acting. His sense of style, attitude and ego is something that attracts everyone towards himself especially his multiplying fan base.

After completing the shoots of Anaa Usman is all set to show up in another drama which the viewers are desperately waiting for

Our team is excited and looks forward to its release. Most recently we saw him sitting with the staggering Sarah Khan on the arrangement of his most recent shoots or venue.

We are waiting for more news and content to come out about the drama and the duo. But we, for now, can safely agree that Usman will not let his fans hope down in this upcoming projects

Let us guide you through the plot of the drama, which consists of characters called Harris while Sarah will paper the job of Miraal, the pair do look great together and we trust that their on-screen science is similarly splendid.

Directed by the amazing direction of Shehzad Khasmiri, who also directed coordinated Usman in Anaa we have an inclination that the much-adored entertainer will play a specialist in this one.

With good wishes and expectation, the team of hopes and prays for the drama to get the recognition and publicity it deserves.


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