New drama based on the horror story of Naveen Waqar

New drama based on the horror story of Naveen Waqar

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

Pakistan's renowned actress Naveen Waqar was last seen acting in the play 'Be Wafa' and now she has signed another new drama.

She will be seen in a very different and surprising role in her play.

Naveen Waqar is extremely passionate about his play, and the actress hopes that it will be aired on Eid.

Naveen Waqar said, "I am playing the role of a girl named Mah Noor. The drama based on the horror story will be shown several years away. I cannot say more about it now because it is in its early stages." '.

The play is directed by Shamoon Abbasi and it will be broadcast on TV.

Shamoon Abbasi is about to give up a play a decade later.

Regarding the shooting of the play, Naveen Waqar said, "The experience so far has been fantastic and I am very excited for the play."

The cast also stars Samina Ahmed and Adnan Jafar along with Naveen Waqar.

The actress also revealed that she is reading two more drama scripts along with the play, but she has not yet decided which play she will choose.


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