Mein na Janoo Drama Full story, Cast and Reviews

Mein na Janoo Drama Full story, Cast and Reviews

Mein na Janoo
Writer: Nooran Makhdoom
Director: Furqan Khan
Producers: Cereal Entertainment & MD Productions
Schedule:     Every Tuesday 8 pm HUM

Mein na Janoo Cast

Zahid Ahmed as Zulqarnain "Nain"
Sanam Jung as Saira Waleed
Affan Waheed as Nehat Farrukh
Komal Aziz Khan as Kiran Waleed
Waseem Abbas as Waleed
Beena Chaudhry as Asma
Huma Nawab as Farah
Sangeeta as Amma
Seemi Pasha as Sabra
Ayesha Gul as Tehmina

Mein na Janoo drama serial started in 2019 on Hum Tv with the production of Cereal Entertainment and MD production and written by Nooran Makhdoom. This drama serial is cast by Sanam Jung, Komal Aziz with Zahid Ahmed and Affan Waheed. Sanam Jung, a very puffed up host of Jago Pakistan Jago now come back in the drama serial. 

This drama serial is a jumbled story of a family with a multi twist, in early episodes of this serial, the storyline of this drama was not much interesting for viewers, as, its name Mein na Janoo. This drama consists of family dynamics such as the relation of stepmother, sister and relation of cousins as well. Both sisters have the same father but with different mother, Saira’s mother Huma Nawab treated in her house as a maid, senseless and shameless woman. That is still unknown reason for everyone that why she treated like this in her own house. On the other hand, both stepsisters treat each other as their own sister and love each other with no conflicts. 

In the starting of this drama, Sanam was quite slow according to her role in this serial and not fully depend on her character and it was very sad for every viewer. And nothing new in this drama is starting, as an abusive family with crying actors, a typical storyline since its start. The mystery of love birds with some family conflicts, we have seen in this drama. Nain (Zahid Amhed) blind person role in this serial, a retired Airforce officer falls in love with his cousin Saira but on the left side, Saira’s intention was only just a friend. Meanwhile, her another cousin Nehat (Affan Waheed) also wanted to marry her but his mother was not as well he also not try his best to send her proposal for marry. But the suspense over when if Saira accepts the proposal of Nain. Meanwhile, Affan also wants to marry her but his keen mother never wanted this.

A classic story with an archetypal storyline, not grabbing the audience attention towards this drama. But maybe it turns into an absorbing story that gets everybody attention on it. And becomes more fascinating drama serial of HUM TV. Everybody is quiet waiting for up to the minute dialogues and for the crumple storyline of this drama.  



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