Lawyer, Boxer, Wedding Planner and Killer Woman's 'Churails' Gang

Lawyer, Boxer, Wedding Planner and Killer Woman's 'Churails' Gang

Soon, the trailer of Pakistan's first original web series ‘Churails’ was released on the web streaming website Zee Five's Channel Zindagi Official. The 10 episodes of the first season of Churails’ will be released on August 11 this month on Zindagi Official.

The story of director Asim Abbasi's web series revolves around spy women exposing the evils of masculine society. In Pakistan's first original web series, four women who became spies after their husbands' infidelity are seen working to save the lives of other women like them and exposing husbands who cheat on their wives.

Although witches are the story of women who become spies to expose their unfaithful husbands, when they become spies, they see many ugly faces in society. Women who become spies then face horrific realities such as underage marriages, child abuse, forced marriages, poverty, crime, race, and suicide.

The story of the web series is difficult to understand from the less than three minutes long trailer released by 'Churails', however, there are indications that very untouched issues will be brought to the fore in the web series. The trailer does not show how the four women set up a spy agency together, but the four are shown running a spy agency in the name of a fashion house.

One of the four women who become spies after their husbands are unfaithful is a lawyer, the other a boxer, the third a wedding planner, and the fourth the killer of her husband. The trailer also shows the four women running a spy house in the name of a fashion house, employing dozens of women in the name of fashion and modeling to further their project.

The four women, who run a spy agency in the name of fashion, are seen wearing burqas and spying on husbands who are unfaithful to their wives.


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