Kashf Episode 27 Review - Story - Plot - Gossip - Hum TV

Kashf Episode 27 Review - Story - Plot - Gossip - Hum TV

Kashf is the Most liked Drama of the Season by Hum TV. Today Episode 27 was on Air. There is a lot of gossip in today's episode. In the beggining Income deparment sealed the Wajdan's house due to non tax payment. They went to Imtiaz house with luggage. Wajdan hire a lawyer to get the bail of haji imtaiz and lawyer demand 2 lac rupees to file a case. 

Wajdan was very depressed due to non arrangement of money. He was walking on the road and he met accident with car, But actually this accident was planned by Mati Ullah (Shah g). Wajdan addmitted to hostpital in serious condition. When kashaf reached hospital then hospital staff demand money for the treatment of Wajdan. 
On the other side in Police station Haji Shb (Imtiaz) Kashaf's father offer Shah g to make a deal of partnership of Astana and get bail of him in this income tax case but Mati Ullah (Shah g) refuse that. Doctors are doing surgery of Wajdan and after Surgery he is out of danger. 

For the arrangement of Money Kashaf call her sister Iram but she sent small amount and she need more amount to get bail of his father and Wajdan Treatment. Kashaf go to Shah g house and sign a contract to sit on Astana and all income will be 50/50 between Shah g and Kashaf.

While waiting in the Hospital kashaf slept and saw a Dream and in Dream she saw someone's Deather but it show unclear. At the end Imtiaz (Kashaf's Father) got bail.

Another thrilling episode comes to an end. but drama is in very exiting situation. In next episode it is shown that Wajdan discharge from hospital and came home and when he came to know that Kashaf had signed an agreement then he angry on her and said you are waiting for the opportunity to sit on Astana. On the other side Imtiaz ask Wajdan and her mother to get out from their house.


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