Kamal Khan's new project is based on Pakistan's stories

Kamal Khan's new project is based on Pakistan's stories

Posted on Dec 20, 2019

Kamal Khan's new project is based on Pakistan stories
Eminent Pakistani directors have already won the hearts of everyone with their debut film 'Lal kabotar' and have now announced their new project, which will be based on the story of 1947.

Kamal Khan and Sharman Obaid Chennai are going to launch the 'Home 1947' series, which also has its first short film.

The first short film is titled 'Bella' in which Faiza Gilani plays the role of a mother who plays a song to train her baby on a train that reminds her of the 1947 era and the violence that is happening these days. 

The film portrays the uncertainty of a mother who does not know where she will be in the future.

The film also depicts the dark events of the 1947 Era when people were moving to a new home, while many survived the journey.

The Home 1947 series will feature many more stories that tell the story of the Partition.

Every story will be narrated by the person who survived during Pakistan.

The series will feature seven short films, produced by Sharman Obaid Chennai.


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