Ishtiaq Ahmed's 'Inspector Jamshaid Series' Will Be Presented as a Web Series

Ishtiaq Ahmed's 'Inspector Jamshaid Series' Will Be Presented as a Web Series

The most popular spy novel series in Pakistan 'Inspector Jamshaid' will soon be introduced as a web series. Presented by C1 Shorts, the series is a tribute to legendary writer Ishtiaq Ahmed, known for his detective novels.

Ishtiaq Ahmed started writing this series in the '70s and this series of his various spy series continued for almost 3 decades. This is a series of crime novels in which a detective, Inspector Jamshaid, with the help of his three children Mahmood, Farooq, and Farzana, detects crimes.

The series was not only full of curiosity and action but also contained some very important lessons that made it popular. Apart from Inspector Jamshaid, Ishtiaq Ahmed also wrote the Inspector Kamran series and Shoki series.

Ishtiaq Ahmed wrote 187 Jamshaid series, 73 Kamran series, 55 Shoki series and later he also wrote special 'special numbers' and mini special numbers of these series. The suspense-filled trailer of the Inspector Jamshaid series has been released, which is quite impressive despite the lack of dialogues.

The web series is being produced by Adnan Butt and directed by Fahad Noor. According to their YouTube channel, the web series will focus on creating locally relevant and meaningful content to empower parents to improve their children's moral values. This web series will solve cases together with Inspector Jamshaid Bachan Mahmood, Farooq, and Farzana.

However, no date has been announced for when the web series will be released.


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