Faisal Qureshi was seriously injured during the shooting

Faisal Qureshi was seriously injured during the shooting

Actor Faisal Qureshi announced in October this year during the last episode of his morning show Salam Zindgi that he would soon be seen working on new projects and now it looks like he has started shooting his new plays too.

The actor recently announced that he will be seen hosting a Bol Television game show after the Morning Show and now a video on the actor's social media is going viral in which he is shooting a drama.

However, fans are upset to see this video of Faisal Qureshi as the actors are shooting a scene in which he has received three shots.

After shooting the scene, a photo of the actor was shared in which a fake bullet wound his back.

In another video, Faisal Qureshi said that he was fine, but the team member with him said that he was just lying and his stomach had been severely injured.

Looking at the shooting of this scene, it seems that Faisal Qureshi is shooting for a play in which he plays the role of a celebrity.


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