Decision not to show the last episode of 'Ehd E Wafa' in cinema

Decision not to show the last episode of 'Ehd E Wafa' in cinema

The Last Episode of the Pakistani drama industry's popular drama 'Ehd E Wafa' was set to be screened at cinema houses across Pakistan on March 14, but now the producers have decided to cancel it.

The decision was made in response to measures taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the country as the government announced the closure of cinema houses.

It is to be noted that in addition to 'Ehd E Wafa', programs like 'Shan Pakistan' and Fashion Pakistan Week have also been canceled.

In a statement in this regard, HUM TV producers announced that 'following the World Health Organization guidelines, it has been decided that the Grand Finale will not be released in cinema houses'.

"The last episode of 'Ehd E Wafa' will be released on TV on Sunday, just like every other time," HUM TV spokesman Nasar Khan told.

Be aware that the last episode of the play will be broadcast on TV on March 15 (Sunday).

It should be noted that Ahad Raza Mir, Usman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali, Alizeh Shah and Zara Noor Abbas played the lead roles in the play 'Ehd E Wafa'.

The story of the play is based on 4 friends who are away from each other after a feud at school but always spend the rest of their lives remembering the moments they spent together.

According to the story of the play, all four friends study together at Lawrence College, however, three friends are expelled from college for violating the rules, while a friend whose role is playing Ahad Raza Mir becomes an army officer.

In addition, one member of the three friends becomes an assembly, a journalist and a bureaucrat.

The play is directed by Saifi Hassan, in collaboration with the Pakistan Army's Public Relations ISPR, and its story is written by Mustafa Afridi.

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