ARY Digital Drama Mann E Iltija Full cast, OST, Timings, Story and reviews

ARY Digital Drama Mann E Iltija Full cast, OST, Timings, Story and reviews

Mann-E-Iltija Drama Reviews

Production:                        Big Bang Production

Directed By:                       Saqib Zafar Khan

Written By:                        Zahid Khan and Mamoona Aziz

OST:                                    Composed By Sahir Ali Bagga

Mann-E-Iltija Drama Timings and Schedule:

Start from 1st June, Mon-Thu at 7:00 PM only on ARY Digital.

Mann-E-Iltija Drama full Cast:

  • Mehwish Qureshi as Hadia
  • Zainab Raja as Maheen
  • Amara Choudary as Hania
  • Farah Nadeem as Sameena
  • Azad Butt as Faizan
  • Kunwar Nafees as Anayat
  • Taqi Ahmed as Moeez
  • Iman Zaidi as Kashaf

Mann-E-Iltija Drama OST

Mann-E-Iltija Drama Full Story

Mann-E-Iltija | The Journey Of Sisters Enduring Sacrifices

'Mann E Iltija" main cast is Kunwar Nafees, Amara Choudary, Zainab Raja, Mehwish Qureshi, Taqi Ahmed, Eman Zaidi, Sajeer Uddin, and others. Mann E Iltija is a Big Bang Entertainment Production coordinated by Saqib Zafar Khan and wrote by Zahid Khan and Mamoona Aziz. As said that Mann e Iltija is revolving around three sisters, however, who messed them up? Here is a short introduction to each character. The three sisters were naming Hania, Maheen, and Hadia. Among all these three sisters, Hadia is the oldest, Maheen is younger, and Hania is the youngest on the whole. These sisters have just a single brother naming Faizan.

Mann e iltija

Moreover, here are some characters as Sameena, the mother of these three sisters. The spouse of the oldest sister is Anayat, who will later wed another lady naming Kashaf. Besides, Moeez is the cousin of those sisters and youth life partner of Maheen. Previous Miss Veet is playing the lead in Mann E Iltija as a devoted little girl, the typical young lady nearby anyway her character in the drama serial is of a white-collar class girl. Farah Nadeem will be seen playing Zainab's mother, and Sajeer Khalifa will play her dad; Mehwish Qureshi will assume the role of the on-screen character's as a senior sister. 

According to Drama Reviews, So far from episode one to nine, this Pakistani drama serial is going good with some out of trending storyline. What was in the ninth episode of the drama Mann-e-Iltija. Farah was saying that Mehwish's parents in law have haunted her. Nafees was saying that "when the incident happens, Mehwish is with Ramsha in the kitchen.


Nafees additionally said that the report Mehwish has given that is entirely right. Farah was confessing to someone that Mehwish's mother-in-law was not a fair person. Kunwar was telling that "If that Ramsha is her daughter, at that point, she is nothing for me."  Nafees' mom was stating that "without getting perfect there is no value of a lady in a men heart. Mehwish has been caught fire". The scene of the drama serial Mann-e-Iltija has been quite superb.

The full scene ninth of the drama Mann-e-Iltija is additionally most likely going to stunning. The story of the drama has been not the same as different shows on ARY Digital. In such a short passage of time, this show has made a tremendous fan following among other ARY Digital drama.



Mann-e-iltija Drama review

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