After Ertugrul, another Turkish PTV drama, Younis Amre, was announced

After Ertugrul, another Turkish PTV drama, Younis Amre, was announced

The Turkish drama "Dirilis Ertugrul" is being translated into Urdu on Pakistan Television (PTV) and aired under the name "Ertugrul Ghazi" which set new records of popularity among the Pakistani people. The drama based on Islamic conquests 'Derelish Ertugrul' was aired on PTV on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the second season of this drama is being aired these days.

Now, at the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan, another Turkish drama 'Younis Amre' will be translated into Urdu and aired on PTV. In this regard, a tweet released on PTV's Twitter account said that 'Younis Amre' will soon be aired on PTV Home under the name 'Rah-e-Ishq'. Simultaneously, a trailer of the drama was also released by PTV in a tweet.

However, no final date has been announced for when the drama will air on PTV. It may be recalled that in May this year, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Faisal Javed Khan had revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his desire to have Younis Amre in Pakistan as well. The PTI senator had said that the Prime Minister sincerely wanted the drama 'Younis Amre' based on the life of an important figure in Islamic history to be aired in Pakistan so that the people would be aware of its history.

The drama "Younes Amre" was produced by the Turkish state TV channel TRT One and the first season of the drama was aired in 2015 while the second season was aired in 2016 and the drama had a total of 41 episodes. The play was also well-received in other Islamic countries besides Turkey, especially in the Middle East, while the same play has been released online by the production house (Television) with Urdu subtitles.

The play "Younes Amre" is actually based on the life of the 13th century Turkish Sufi poet Younis Amre. Younis Amre was born 200 years before the Ottoman Empire and left a deep impression on the Anatolian language, literature, and culture. He was born in the house of a poet who was fluent in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. Poetry and literature were created from childhood.

Younis Amre is considered one of Turkey's Sufi poets and early literary figures, and a new generation of Turks acknowledges his services. To pay tribute to his life and services, Muhammad Bozdagh made a play on his life called 'Younis Amre' which became famous as soon as he saw it.


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