5 Best Pakistani Drama 2019 of ARY DIGITAL TV

5 Best Pakistani Drama 2019 of ARY DIGITAL TV

Pakistani Drama Channel ARY DIGITAL TV is very prominent for its super hit drama stories in all over Asia. ARY DIGITAL TV is famous for because it shows the real stories of daily life we face everywhere. Millions of viewers from all over the world followed this channel for entertainment on the reality of life.

Most of its drama serials hold its audience with first 15 weeks regarding suspense, thrill, emotions and drama. In 2019, ARY DIGITAL TV gives back to back super hit drama with tremendous storylines, full of emotions, acting, scripted dialogues.


Directed By: Babar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

The cast of Cheekh Drama

Saba Qamar as Mannat Shayan

Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih Taseer

Emmad Irfani as Shayan

Aijaz Aslam as Yawer Taseen

The Story of Cheekh drama

Cheekh drama was first aired on 2 January 2019, on ARY DIGITAL TV, with very aggressive murder attack and moved to very offensive story of a family. Very sparse women raised in our society for fairness with them as well with others in social. Saba Qamar played a very sophisticated role as a Mannat in this serial Cheekh with a very abrogating character of Bilal Abbas as Wajih Taseer, who was the murderer of her friend. Mannat was the title role of this serial, she faced a lot of hurdles regarding her family, while she lost her husband, mother too for justice. Most high rating serial of 2019 on ARY DIGITAL TV for the audience.

 Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Writer: Sameena Ijaz

Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Producer: iDream Entertainment

The cast of Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Ramsha Khan as Marium

Muneeb Butt as Ahmed

Uzma Gillani as Musarrat; Ahmed's mother

Waseem Abbas as Jamal; Marium's father

 The Story of Kaisa Hai Naseeban

A drama serial started with a hashtag #SayNoToMaritalAbuse, telecasted on ARY DIGITAL TV, started with its first episode on 8 January 2019. The storyline of this serial ground on the reality of our society, where every parent desire to marry their daughters in a high liberal family without any investigation about the groom. Kaisa Hai Naseeban presents this reality with a story, cast by Ramsha Khan and Muneeb Butt. Marium parents marry her with Ahmed, who lived in Malaysia and a character of a selfish egoist person. A storyline with realities gets every viewer attention towards this serial.


Directed By: Aabis Raza

Written By: Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami

The cast of  Bandish Drama

Sajid Hasan as Junaid

Marina Khan as Madiha

Hira Mani as Sania

Salman Saqib Sheikh as Dr.Abhiyaan

Zubab Rana as Hania

Farah Shah as Sumbul (Black magic specialist)

The Story of Bandish Drama

ARY DIGITAL TV presents the actuality of negative aspects in society with this drama serial named as Bandish, aired at ARY DIGITAL TV on 21 January 2019. Most of the peoples, in this scientific modern era, don’t believe in Black Magic. So, this serial displayed how some one’s jealousy factor force them to do negatives acts for timely favour. Drama Serial based on a jolly family with no problems but with the passage of time faced a lot of hurdles in life with no idea about Black magic. Hira Mani played a key feature role in this serial with Marina Khan and Sajid Hasan, with little bit horror touch in it.


Directed By: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Written By: Sarwat Nazir

The cast of DO BOL

Affan Waheed

Hira Salman

Haroon Shahid

Mehmood Aslam

 The Story of DO BOL Drama

ARY DIGITAL TV premiered mix touch of every kind of story, DO BOL presents a love story of two discrete persons from a different family, by facing many obstacles concerning with family matters. On 4 March 2019, the first episode of this serial was premiered on ARY DIGITAL TV, with a story of two persons. DO BOL drama serial based on the dramatic world story of love affair to marriage. Hira and Affan were on screen in this serial with the third character Haroon as the twist of the story.

Mere Pass Tum Ho

Directed By: Nadeem Baig

Written By: Kahlil-ur-Rehman Qamar

The cast of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed as Danish

Ayeza Khan as Mehwish

Adnan Siddiqui as Shahwar Ahmad

Story of  Mere Pass Tum Ho

Topmost watching drama serial of the year was, Mere Pass Tum Ho, directed by Nadeem Baig and written by Kahlil-ur-Rehman Qamar, aired on-screen on 17 August 2019. For the first time in the history of drama production, the last episode of this serial watched by most of Pakistani at Cinema Hall.

Ayeza Khan with Humayun Saeed, with a very energetic role, played a story of love, elude, affair, loyalty and emotions. Whereas Adnan Siddiqui played a negative role in this serial, who urge Mehwish towards him with the sake of money and fame. Mehwish and Adnan displayed some non-religious relations with others, called sin, turned the storyline into eluding with loyalty. A landmark drama series broke all the records, regarding affection of viewers towards it. A storyline of love marriage with the middle family person and with huge desire make Mehwish unfair with Danish. A writer of this drama story, Kahlil-ur-Rehman Qamar already get fame from his other dramas, based on these kinds of stories in social like Sadqay Tumhare and Pyare Afzal

But question mark raised here regarding the reality of families, a sin from a woman make her life spoiled towards hell but what about a man sins? Nobody wanted to face this reality with courage. Everyone here just with blind eye follow others either is wrong or sin too.



Best of 2019 Pakistani drama 2019 Ary digital tv

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