Top Historical Places to Visit in Pakistan

Top Historical Places to Visit in Pakistan

Posted on Dec 11, 2019

Pakistan is the region that is well known for its cultural history and for its assortment. There is more than one historical habitation that deserves to be experienced by everyone. The historical places in Pakistan govern the entirety of its arena because of its rich history and the people who made these places still look tremendous is appreciating.   

Hiran Minar, Sheikupura


Hiran Minar as Deer tower was built by Emperor Jahangir to the northwest of Lahore. It was constructed in the memory of the beloved emperor named Hansraj. Hunting at that time was much important for the Mughal emperors and Hiran Minar is one of the beautiful places of such sites. It was built during the reign of Shah Jahan and the structure was exceptional in its own beauty as there is an octagonal pavilion in its center. Another special feature of Hiran Minar is its location and at the top of this tower is perhaps the best place in Punjab to get feel for the wide-ranging landscape. 

Mohenjo Daro, Sindh 


This is the most attractive place is the history of Pakistan and is famous all over the world. It was first discovered in the year 1922, but 1965 was the year when executions were completed. It was the earliest cities in the world. Mohenjo Daro was also known as “Mound of Dead”. The structure in which walls are placed with original mud, no doubt to stop from varying heat and humidity as the temperature of this place is extraordinary. This also seems to be a classless society which was followed by the rulers who are rich is their traditions and have a vast amount of money.

Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore


Minar e Pakistan is also known as the Tower of Pakistan as it is located in the middle of Lahore city and is divine in the location to the people. As it was the idea of the founder of Pakistan named Quaid e Azam. The basic reason to build this tower was to celebrate the day when Pakistan Resolution was passed on March 23, 1940. Back then the location was originally known as ‘Minto Park’. Around this Minar, a big garden is constructed to be seen as for its beauty. Minar e Pakistan is made up of steel and its tower is shaped like a five-pointed star. Going upwards from the stairs and seeing from its height is a tremendous view of whole the city Lahore. The monument of Minar e Pakistan is a tribute to the struggle for freedom from British and Indian. The tower also carries with it the promise of opulence and wealth. 

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore


Badshahi mosque was built in the early ’60s by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in Lahore. It is the second-largest mosque in Pakistan; the mosque is wide, bold and splendid in its expression. Many sacrifices were given when this mosque was in construction as there was a time when the British took control of this mosque and they wanted to make this a garrison academy but after Pakistan was a free state then this mosque was completed and the cost was about 4.8 million.   

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